Thursday, March 29, 2007

Terrorist Regime

A second letter is written by Royal Navy sailor LS Faye Turney demanding the withdrawal of all UK troops from Iraq. It just reminded me of the same tactics used by terrorists in Iraq who first capture foreigners and then ask their respective governments to leave the country if they want their people back alive. What the terrorist regime of Iran doing now is completely similar to what those insurgents always do in Iraq or Afghanistan, urging the foreigners to leave in order to release the hostages.

I don't see any difference here, do you?
Australia warns Iran


Sina said...

I for one, don't see any difference.

katayoun said...

You could hardly spot a difference between these terrorists; whether in our invaded Iran, or elsewhere.

Tina said...

There is no difference. What they are doing is really showing the world who has been behind all the kidnapping in Iraq. Anyone who can't see that is blind.

Bardia said...

با درود
هر منطقی تفاوتی بین هیچ جنایتی از اینگونه، نمی بیند و رفتار جمهوری اسلامی بطوری آشکار است که دلیل دیگری نخواهد داشت تا به جستجو یش بپردازیم. ولی در مورد پست مربوط قبلی، باید در ادامه سخن پیشینم بگویم که مردم در ایران از دو گونه اند: یکی ایرانیان راستین که از نجابت و شرافت، سر به زیر آورده اند و از حرکات رژیم و طرفدارانش سخت شرمگین اند. ولی گروه دوم، مردمی هستند که از خیر این حکومت به هر چه که نداشته اند، رسیده اند پس هر چه حکومت بگوید و انجام دهد، همچون برده فرمانبردار خواهند بود. پس برای این مردم اینگونه رسوایی در روابط بین الملل پشیزی ارزش ندارد و همچون کبکی که سر در برف فرو کرده چیز دیگری نمی بینند
پاینده و پیروز باشید

Kevin in Kentucky said...

In a case of coincidental timing, I finished reading "Guests of the Ayatollah" just a few weeks before this latest hostage-taking by the Iranian regime. The book details the 1979 takeover of the US embassy in Tehran. So much of what we're seeing now concering the British 15 comes straight from that same playbook that was used then. Hostages are trotted out in front of cameras, to prove how "well" and humanely" they are being treated. They are forced to read pre-prepared propaganda. I guarantee the Iranian hostage-takers are spending day and night filling the Brits' heads with their anti-Western bullcrap, telling them how Iran is the perpetual victim in all this.