Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sanction The Change

I have said before that while sanctions are hurting the Iranian regime, it will by no means end the regime's drive to obtain nuclear weapons. Sanctions at the end will weaken the ordinary Iranians who have to endure it not the top leadership of the Islamic republic. Of course, the Mullahs could cease their nuclear weapons program, and cooperate with the IAEA to verify that they have indeed, stopped developing fuel for use in weapons in order to lift these sanctions. But that is not going to happen as the Mullahs have no rational regard for their own citizens. It was only 2.5 yrs ago when they killed, raped and jailed hundreds of pro-democracy Iranians.

The best and the most efficient way to meet the challenge posed by the current Iranian regime is to go for the only viable option: Regime change. It can be done through various channels. Even in case of a military intervention, this option should be pursued. Go for the regime's throat. Don't let up. Choke the regime to death.
We're faced with a brutal regime that has no respect for the international law and is not concerned with its image abroad. As I have said before, military option with respect to Iran must not be limited to destruction of its nuclear weapons program. It should target the leadership and revolutionary guards corps command and control.
The Iranian people will not rally behind the very same regime that has denied them very basic freedoms. The Iranian people will not support a regime that has shown no respect for them or their votes. And people of Iran will not resist any foreign entity that can help rid them of their brutal oppressors. But it is not still late to support a democratic uprising of the Iranians. It can happen and this time, there should be significant and meaningful support for it.

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