Saturday, February 18, 2006

Conservative Iranians

I am in its classical essence a conservative, a liberal and secular conservative, meaning I believe in smaller government, free trade, less taxes, self governance, believing in traditional values and I do believe in separation of Mosque from State and I ultimately believe in individulas' freedoms. But let me make it clear that I am not a Conservative in a way that most people think of when it comes to Iran and Iranian conservatists.

Unfortunately, Conservatism in Iranian related issues means some one who is a sympathizer of the Islamic regime and supporting Islamic values which is true though but lets keep away from this definition for a bit and stick to the classic definition of this term.

To explain this further, let me say that Mullahs of Iran do not represent any thing through its classical definitions. What they represent is just a religious type of government which has turned to be a Totalitarian regime.

That is also true that Mullahcracy of Iran is a religious establishment and a conservative one but it doesn't represent a globally accepted definition of Conservatism as the state reformers in Iran do not represent the globally accepted definition of Liberalism as well.

Any how, What I do not see is a form of Iranian Conservative Front or Movement which should exist and should be distinguishing itself from the current definition of the Iran related conservatism and theocractic government.

You can be an anti-mullahcracy element and a true right winger in its classical essence.

For the sake of the above argument, I tend to run an Iranian Conservatists' Blogroll/list very soon and gather those Iranian bloggers and individuals who believe in conservatism and are conservatives (right wingers).

Let me know if you wish to join this list and let me know if you have any ideas on this matter.

I am unsure if this is going to work or be successful, but it is not bad to give it a shot.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Winston, thanks for visiting me. I wish you much success and as far as I can tell we have a lot of things in common, however, I must say that I am neither conservative nor liberal. Actually in the 90s I was a very hardcore liberal, (so much so that I was in the Green Party campaigning for Ralph Nader... so I come from that side actually,) but now I am nothing, and for the time being, I am fine with that. However, as I think we have somethings in common perhaps we should keep in touch. But like some of my favorite pop lyrics go:
"I'd join a movement, if there was one I could believe in / yeah I'd break bread and wine, if there was a church I could receive in... cause I needed now..." But as it is, "I must be an acrobat, to talk like this and act like that / and you can dream, so dream out loud / and you can find your own way out..."
All best, Amir