Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Women's day in Iran

Kosoof pictorial weblog has a few pictures of the recent protest by the Iranian women on the Int'l women's day

    For the Record: Women’s Rights Activists Were Beaten on 2006 International Women’s Day in Iran

      A group of about 130 women’s rights activists who gathered in Deneshjoo Park in central Tehran to celebrate International Women’s Day were brutally beaten by the police. As soon as the program started with distributing some brochures and chanting Iran’s women’s movement song, the police informed the attendants that their gathering is illegal and they should leave the premises. Then the police started beating men and women present in Daneshjoo Park and the program was ended. Simin Behbahani, the Iranian elderly famous poet was among the people who have been beaten.

      Again, the regime showing its true colors by beating people

      Photos of Women's Day in Iran: You can find more here as well

      The so-called reformist news agency ISNA has few pictures of the event on its web page. However there is no mention of the clashes between the protesters and police and beatings which occured yesterday in Tehran.


      Anonymous said...

      Brave women!

      Anonymous said...

      One thing to observe among those hypocritical weblogs who claim they defending human rights while indirectly or directly support Mullah's regime is how they reflects on the violent reaction of Barbarian forces of Islamic regime on Women day in Tehran.

      آهو said...

      thanks for putting these pictures.

      Sahar said...

      Thanks a lot Winston... Like always, great post.

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