Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Iranian-Canadian Arrested in Iran

A leading Canadian-Iranian intellectual, Ramin Jahanbegloo, has been arrested at the airport in Tehran.

BBC News has more on this and Voice of America also tells us that charges against Dr. Jahanbegloo will be announced after interrogations

Jahanbegloo, educated at the Sorbonne in Paris and Harvard University in the U.S. state of Massachusetts, holds dual citizenship with Canada. He heads the department of Contemporary Studies at the Cultural Research Bureau in Tehran.

He has lectured on the prospects for democracy in Iran (that is probably his crime), and authored books on Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi and liberal political philosopher Isaiah Berlin.

Ramin Jahanbegloo's on the world wide web

حالا اميدوارم که امثال اخوندوپليس ها، کالباسها و هودریستها.... و سايرين طرفداران رژیم اسهالی و اشغالی نگويند که تقصير پرزيدنت بوش و امریکا هست که اين آقايون روشنفکر رو ميگيرند. اين رژيم کثيف اسهالی و سرطانی همينطوری هم هر وقت دلش بخواد هر کسی رو بازداشت ميکنه و شکنجه ميده و ربطی به هيچ چيزی نداره. نگویيد تقصير بوش بود ها، ميخندن بهتون
He needs lots of media attention in order to remain alive in regime's prisons!
Update1: Now regime's news agencies and newspapers report that he was detained for activities against the national security and espionage on behalf of foreigners.


Anonymous said...

He had to know that he was taking a chance of being arrested, keeping dual citizenship?

Let's see how the Canadians handle things this time.

Anonymous said...

Have these idiots not learnt their lesson from Zahra Kazemi's case? I wonder.I hope he'll be ok and comes back to Canada or anywhere in the free world as soon as he is released.All he needs is publicity ATM.Thanks for the post mate.

Anonymous said...

Have read what Ganji had to say today, when he accepted his award he had this to say:

In a democratic society when early in the morning someone knocks our door we are sure someone have brought milk for us but in an undemocratic societies it is not known that they have brought milk or an agent have come to take us away.
He said : Today the media in Iran are crossing the most difficult part of their history but "rights are to be taken not to be given " and we have no other choice than critically look into the power.
Ganji also said : In a country where the state does not recognize the area of privacy and there are no civil society therefore everything becomes political .

translated by:
( read more parts of his speech)

Join me in Hope said...

Dear Winston:

This just another example of the barbarity of the regime.Reading one of his student’s comments on his scholarship and secular philosophy,and his charisma among his students, I’m not surprised that the regime views him as a threat and a dangerous man. There is blog set up for discussing his release: