Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Riot Time

It's Chahar-Shanbe Soori time for the Iranians and for those living inside of the country this is "Riot Time". Because it might be among the few days of the year where people of different backgrounds come out to the streets to celebrate and these "celebrations" always end up being the main place for anti-government riots.

Right now, I'm hearing about the sporadic clashes between the youth and anti-riot police in eastern area of Tehran called "Tehran Pars". The people chanted "Death to Khamenei" and other anti-regime stuff. Pictures from Tehran

Updated 1: 46 have suffered minor injuries and a few have been detained by police in Tehran, regime Fars News reporting. Also reports from town of Karaj, west of Tehran, indicate sporadic clashes have occurred between the security forces and the people without any major incident so far.

I'll try to keep you posted if I hear any thing more!

Updated 2:

Pictures from city of Hamedan in central western Iran, Pictures from western parts of Tehran

Pictures from Tehran & more images from ISNA web site

More photos from Tehran and here are Pix from city of Gorgan in NE of Iran

Israel's Ynet News reports: Death to Ahmadinejad


Sohrab said...

Man I remember the last few years before I came to the US, the chaharshanbe-soori fire crackers the kids used were not fire crackers at all -- but little mini-bombs.

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