Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hitchens-Galloway Debate

I watched Video of the George Galloway and Christopher Hitchens debate in New York today!

It is disgusting to see how a British MP defends terrorists like Zarqawi et al and call them freedom fighter. It is terrible for democracies to tolerate such stupid people just because we are obliged to stick with freedom of expression!

Should we let Stalin, Hitler or Khomeini speak out because we have freedom of expression?!

Anyhow, Galloway really showed his true colors! He is just a politician and knows how to make a crowd excited. He was talking like it is London's Hyde park and he is going to lead a popular revolution against Imperialism.

All he did was to attack the past of his opponent and he was desperate to get audience's attention just like Khomeini or other middle east pathetic leaders do.

George Galloway reminded me of Mullahs of Iran. He really sounded like them!

And the sad part of this story is that he is allowed to get into the very country he is attacking, The United States of America.

That is the unwanted part of freedom of expression!

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