Sunday, September 25, 2005

Iranian regime confronts the whole world for nothing

We all have been hearing about what has been going on between Iran and the rest of the world over Nuclear issues.

It is just shockening to see how a dangerous regime insists on its rights to have nuclear technology. One should wonder why they insist on it!?

While milions of people are in extreme poverty in Iran and the government doesn't care about them, the regime is speaking about how they have defied the world's most powerful nations (Politically & Economically) to have access to nuclear technology and what they don't really care about is the money they intend to spend on such a useless thing!

The same amount of money could have been spent on welfare of poor in Iran instead of being wasted in the hands of Russians and Chinese.

And I believe the regime of Mullahs have made the issue, so far, a national pride for the same poor people who have made many important decisions for the rest of the Iranian society since 1978...


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