Wednesday, September 21, 2005

More Observations, More Differences

Again another ordinary day and more works to do! Thought to add some more to the Previous one...

Hmmmm, the more I spend time at that school, the more I also learn about the cultural and social differences of those places I have been to so far.

One more difference, however funny, is that schools here do not have yards, unlike the middle-east where most schools have yards and high walls and students are forced to stay inside, here students are not obliged to be committed to their school territory. (a yard surrounded by high walls & barbed wire to stop students from escaping the school like German prison camps)! I guess it is all about how people take their freedom and how they learn to be free, but responsible.

It seems it is up to the students, themselves, to take care of their own business which is to study and do the homeworks.

Moreover, they don't leave their schools with their bags full of useless assignments for home. All they have to do to learn something can also be done at school and during their time inside the educational environment.

I will write more on this in the following days. May need to attach some pictures too!

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