Saturday, September 17, 2005


Vile : wretchedly bad; morally debased, depraved, or despicable; foul filthy; degraded
Synonyms: vicious, evil, vulgar, obscene (Random House College Dictionary)

Yes, I’m referring to George Galloway. He’s also insane. After all, who but a vile and insane person could speak against terrorism and dictators before and after having met with and praised Syria’s Assad and just 6 weeks ago?

Who else, but a vile insane man who says he denounced Saddam and his vicious & vile treatment of his own people, would turn around and befriend Tarik Aziz?

Who else, but a vile and insane person, would blame the death of a soldier fighting for what he believed in, not on the terrorists who killed him, but on the country he was fighting for? And then, as if that isn’t vile enough, justify the terrorists reasons for killing him?

Who else, but a vile and insane person, would go to Manhattan the week of Sept. 11th and angrily pronounce that victims of the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers deserved what they got and should expect more if the U.S. continues to make Al-Qaeda terrorists mad?

Depraved, despicable, foul, vicious, evil and obscene. Galloway is, in a word, VILE.


Anonymous said...

Galloway is great. The world needs more brave politicians like him.

Anonymous said...

galloway sucks

Anonymous said...

nazis shut up