Friday, September 16, 2005

VOA & Hoder

Today afternoon, around 2 pm EST, VOA Persian Service had Hossein Derakhshan on its roundtable program for 90 mins.

Though they got some good phone calls regarding the filtering and internet issues in Iran and "Derakhshan" replied in a professional manner but his criticism of the Bush policies and comparison of Social Freedom in Iran and the US was very lame and contained his usual Bush bashing sentences... Like Bush's government limited the freedom of speech in the states and journalists have little freedom under Bush's government.

And he made it clear he is in love with Left wing media like CNN or ABC. The very same media which do not care about his problems like Internet filtering issues in countries like Iran, detention of his weblog colleagues in Iran.

And he is also unable to digest that those media he calls courageous and great in Bush bashing, has no interest in stories of his friends in Iran. His friends like Omid Memarian who spent weeks behind bars for writing a simple analysis on his blog.

I wonder when people stop minding others' business and minding their own?

However, I guess it is his extreme hate for President Bush that made him totally blind on facts, he is also lacking courage to admit to wrong doings of his own country's Mullahs.

That is why people do not trust him and call him a regime apologist and he knows it!

Time will judge!

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