Saturday, September 10, 2005

Who Is Winston?

Winston is a Nom De Plume for a Canadian based Pro-America Iranian conservative, seeking a democratic regime change in Iran!

Winston is also a true supporter of the Global War on Terror and President Bush's policies.

The name Winston Smith is taken from the book "1984" by George Orwell.

Winston wants to see a free Iran where people are free to choose the way of life they think is the best and it is necessary to say that freedom of the Iranian people is the most important thing in Winston's life and however it is achieved doesn't matter any more.

I, Winston, believe in Constitutional Monarchy as the future form of governance in Iran and I do think, given the history of Iran, Monarchy is going to work better in Iran than a failed Republic of any sort. But if people of Iran choose to have a Secular Republic in a free and fair referendum, then I will have no objection to that choice and will accept it peacefully and respectfully.

I, as an author of this little blog, would like to see a free and powerful Iran where people are prosperous and have the right to live as they wish. A strong and free Iran is what I care about and that is it.

I am in its classical essence a conservative, a liberal and secular conservative, meaning I believe in smaller government, free trade, less taxes, self governance, believing in traditional values and I do strongly believe in separation of Religion from State and I ultimately believe in individuals' freedoms.

It is important to mention that I am writing here for my own self satisfaction and any disrespectful and improper comments will be removed immediately.

Mullahs, Communists and Terrorists shouldn't be given any freedom to begin with so if you are one of them don't waste your time here. I don't think any compromise can be reached with Mullah minded people, Communists, Feminists and Ignorant religious people.

I am as much entitled to my opinion as you are and that is my right to say whatever I want to in this space which belongs to me.

I welcome any bright ideas and suggestions to make this humble blog a better and useful one.

Thank You

1 comment:

Omar Soliman said...

Your goals re: Iranian "regime change" can be legitimate, but the movements that you are associating yourself with to achieve these ends will not bring your ppl anything in the way of justice.

"This weblog is to serve the Neo-con American Right-wing Zionist/Christian Imperialist Conspiracies against the Iranian Mullahcracy."

That's pretty retarded too.

At least TRY to come off as a moderate...perhaps THEN your opinions would be taken seriously.