Saturday, October 1, 2005

Islamic Theology Student

Today, in the bookstore, I met a guy who was a student, majoring Islamic Theology and was also interested in the mideastern affairs.

It was interesting to see people becoming really interested in that forgotten part of the world.

What interests me is how the media have affected ((Read Brainwashed)) the people, especially the youth every where!

He argued that that commentators and thinkers like Bernard Lewis loves seeing the middle eastern countries look like the States or lose their mideastern culture and identity.

How funny to hear this from an Islamic theology student who called himself a liberal politically!

I didn't dare ask him why he chose that major but I told him to take a trip and visit places like Dubai, Tehran, Istanbul and Cairo to have a better look into the world of what he knows as Islamic world.

SIGH... these students in the west live in such a small world created by the biased media they tend to watch every day and believe whatever they say.

Any ways, I am glad I didn't get into mideastern politics with him!

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Ayesha Akif said...

hey i love your blog-how didja get the links at the side?