Monday, October 17, 2005

Military Exercise in East of Tehran!!??

Talking to a friend of mine living in Eastern part of the capital, Tehran, I heard him talking about IRGC units exercising in the mountains of eastern Tehran. And my friend told me they start this type of exercise every night around 21:30 local time and seems they use live ammunitions since people can hear the explosions. My good friend can see the explosions and can hear the helicopters & airplanes flying by.

East of Tehran is the HQ of IRGC and at least one mechanized infantry division is located there.

I assume the regime is preparing its own people for a possible war. What do you think?!


Anonymous said...

But a war against whom? Outsiders? Or their own people?

Anonymous said...

Most likely the war is against Kurestan, Azarbaijan and Baluchestan who wish to have a federal system and be able to elect their own parliament.

Federalism is coming to Iran - whether Tehran and the Farsis like it or not.

A Federal Iran can be free from mollas and Islam. Think about it.