Thursday, October 13, 2005

Possible Punishment For Mullahs of Iran

I have thought and talked about this a lot and couple of months ago, "Downer & I" came to the conclusion on possible punishments for the mullahs after the fall of the regime in Iran.

Many will definitely voice their anger and outrage towards those who have been responsible for the destruction of a great country in the past 27 years and they are right! They should be angry as I will be!

But I was thinking of some probably funny ways as method of punishment for the mad Mullahs!

I'd say let them live like ordinary people do these days. Let them work to earn money for the rent, housing, gas, food and ... etc.

Imagine, Khamenei or Rafsanjani wearing their old robes roaming in the streets looking for a store which might sell them goods they need.

Or imagine the grocery store of their neighborhood would tell them: We don't have what you want! Get lost, you moron. (actually the "we don't have..." part of the above conversation is what most people with low income in Iran may hear these days)


Send the Mullahs to labor camps and force them to work in construction projects! Have them build anti-quake schools, hospitals and bridges.

Iran will not have to import work force from Afghanistan as it has milions of turban head Mullahs eager to work.

Anyways, all I just wanted to say was that it sounds a little funny to see the Mullahs living a simple life like other Iranians. May be some will punish them in the streets, free of cost!


Anonymous said...

I liked your second idea of making them work on construction projects, etc., doing the work on the infrastructure of Iran that they have not done for the people all these yrs.
Their nights can be spent in the same jail cells they've inprisoned 100's of thousands in.

Otherwise, hang them all.

Anonymous said...

I am reminded of something the writer Arthur Koestler said about Adolf Hitler. He maintained the only form of punishment that would be sufficient for this monster, would be if Hitler was forced to suffer every twinge, every stab, every instance of pain caused to others. And if it took a million years, or eternity, not one tragedy Hitler inflicted upon the people of the world should he escape sharing and feeling.
Same with the mullah's. I want them to suffer as they have caused others to suffer.

Anonymous said...

How about send them to America and force them to live with that Liberal Mullah supporting Senator Hillary Clinton.A tourcher worse than death for sure.