Friday, October 28, 2005

Remarks by a delusional idiot

Uh oh!

Well, the Mullahs of Iran expect others to let them say whatever they want to. You know, no one cares about a "delusional idiot" but all of us would care if this "delusional idiot" of our story becomes a nuclear armed one.

Like This Idiot professor who thinks no one should care about Ahmadinejad's words and since it didn't mean $hit, then it is nothing to be worried about.

Hello... anybody home?!


I suspect he will get killed sooner or later by those elements who might find him a danger to the survival of the terrorist regime of Iran.

Since yesterday leaders of Israel, Canada , US, England, Russia, New Zealand , France, Ireland, Germany (most EU states), Vatican and the useless United Nation have reacted to the "delusional idiot's" remarks over destruction of the state of Israel. The whole world is now waking up to the imminent threat that the Iran's regime poses to the civilized world.

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