Sunday, November 20, 2005

5000 Islamic Clerics to be sent to the US: Iran's Ayatollah

According to BBC Persian and Persian service of IRNA, the hardline ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi has announced that the Iranians living in the US need 5000 Islamic clerics for their religious services.

Mesbah Yazdi asks the new Iranian government to finance their trainings!

This hardline ayatollah is known as the founder of the shiite version of Taliban in Iran.

Given the numerous statements made by several regime's officials regarding the destruction of the US and Israel, it makes me think about the type of the religious missionaries, this Mullah is talking about.

Statements like "Execution of suicide and missile attacks aimed at [their] 29 sensitive sites" or "to wipe off Israel off the world map" given in the past 2 years should wake all the western officials up to the dangerous nature of this terrorist regime!

Can they not send their so-called religious teachers (read suicide bombers) to the west under the cover of International students?

Is it not possible for them to send any one under any valid cover to the US and other western countries to execute their dangerous orders which might be to eradicate the whole western civilization from the face of the planet earth?

Think about it!

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RavanParish said...

Do maziat dare in ferestadane akhoonda:
1: az akhoondaye iran kam mishe
2: mardome donya mibinan ajab adamai khoda khalgh karde