Saturday, November 26, 2005

Black Friday

I thought these sorts of things happen only in the 3rd world countries where people have to fight over goods they wish to own/purchase.

That is just crazy and the funny part is that the whole mess was happening in the States, however our Canadian version of Black Friday which is "Boxing Day", is not so far!

It is exactly what I have always thought about. Human beings are the same, wherever they live, however they live. No matter if they are Americans, German, Iranian or Chinese. They do the very same stuff! Greed, lust and anger are just a few of the characteristics the man as we know.

People, please behave!

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Jetting Through Life said...

Black Friday sucks!! I can't wait until December 26th for life to get back to normal!!

How have you been?? And hope you had a nice holiday!