Friday, November 18, 2005

That is what I like about the American Democracy

Hell, I dislike CNN and its sick way of reporting news of the war on terror. Watching CNN reminds me of the Mullahs' TV back in Iran. (Actually, CBC Canada reminds me of Iranian regime TV too)...

Any ways, I have no other American media outlet here in Canada to find more about the current affairs in the United States, therefore I am watching "the biased CNN" showing the quick vote over Iraq war

It is amazing for me who comes from a place where few know what Democracy means!

And unlike Iran where opposing ideas can't be heard in the public, in the US once there are critics in the society, even though they are dead wrong now about the war in Iraq, their idiocy is put to the test of the public.

I have no idea if the same sort of democracy can reach Iran any time in the future but it is what I have always admired about the western civilization and it is "Putting the idiots to the test of the public opinion rather than forcing them to shut down".

Well, as I was editing this piece the House has finished the voting and it seems they rejected the plan.

Fantastic! Let's see what the leftists and liberal will say about this!

Again, idiot CNN has just begun the great job of distorting the facts.

Yikes, I hate CNN!

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