Sunday, January 8, 2006

Elections & Conservatives

It is a bit of relief when I heard that the Conservatives are slightly ahead of the Liberals in the recent polls.

"Canada's EKOS polling firm conducted the scientific poll for the Canadian newspapers Toronto Star and La Presse. It reveals that the Conservatives led by Stephen Harper has gained a lead of nearly six percentage points over the Liberals. The Conservatives had the support of 36.2 percent of the people surveyed, while 30.4 percent said they would vote for the Liberals in the January 23 election."
This great country has been ruled by the Liberals for too long and it is time for a change in the government!

I really hope it happens! I look forward to it though.

But the fact that NDP may form a coalition with Paul Martin's liberals is also alarming!

Conservatives seem to be alone in this nasty fight but Far Leftists of NDP make me worried!

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