Monday, January 23, 2006

Kids as Human Shields?

The Iranian regime's policy is to brainwash people especially during the childhood and school time, like I remember we were being told to shout "Death to America" every morning at school or say religious stuff (which many never obeyed and made fun of it at the moment) and the stupid school principle thought he can plant anger and hatred towards any one in our hearts.
Actually it didn't work the way he wished, and the only hate I and many of my friends from school carry today in our hearts is only bitter hate towards the Mullahs of Iran.

Like I remember the school principle, who was a stupid hezbollahi look alike person, had ordered the religious adviser of the school to paint the flags of the US and Israel in the school yard so people and students had to walk on it to get into the main hall and what a waste that decision was, because every time many of us had to jump over to avoid the desecration of flags we had respect for.

Or during school, we had the opportunity to go to museums or parks with the classmates under the watch of teachers which wasn't bad at all but seems these outtings have been radically changed. Thank heaven I am not in School any more.

This is the new type of scientific tour with the class, of course with a few major changes and well, what they do in these new sort of tours theseday, is using the kids as protective shields to prevent an attack on their dangerous nuke facilities.

LMAO!, Believe me these little kids have no idea why they are there! The Islamic establishment in Iran has never cared for the well being of the Iranian people since its foundation in 1979.

Thousands die in road accidents, plane crashes, heart attacks due to air pollution and stress of life every year, but right now the priority for the Mullahcracy is the nuclear power.

Let's see how far they can go with their stupid rhetoric! I have never had any doubt that they are the biggest enemies of the Iranian people but I wonder if those living in Iran have any idea what's going to happen if they do not take action faster...

Guys, we gotta do some thing!

hey, by the way did any one see the regime's officials meeting with the infamous Iraqi terrorist Al-Sadr?

More can be found here on this meeting!

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Anonymous said...

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He deserve it though,He is saddam Hussains best mate
I read a few posts of your weblog.I'll be back.