Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mesbah's son in Canada!?

It is hard to believe this but it is not also impossible. Many regime's thugs and agents have purchased properties and real estates through out the world just in case there is a change in the government in Iran.

According to the sources ((RoozOnline.com & Rahaei.com)), the son of the infamous Ayatollah Mesbah has moved to Canada on a governmental bursary service, 6 years ago, to continue his educations in Philosophy and now is holding the Canadian citizenship.

The source also writes that "Ali Mesbah Yazdi" works in a store in the city of Toronto and is now unwilling to return to his home country of Iran.

That is also important to mention that Tehran General Prosecutor Judge Mortezavi, A.K.A "Butcher of the Papers", was once a student of a university in Canada as well.

I wonder who else might be in Canada!?!


lida said...

salam jojo ... peasre mesbah ke sahle ye zamani didi saro kaleye manam on vara peyda shod...

Winston said...

that is very good! ;-)