Tuesday, January 31, 2006

One More Step Closer

Oh well, finally the major powers agreed on referring Iran to the UN Security Council

The referral to the security council is different from the vote once it's there and we do not know if the major powers (Britain, China, France, Russia, USA) would be able to press Iranian regime with the sanctions needed to halt their nuclear programme.

But this is one important step closer to what I predicted earlier! I am also waiting to hear President Bush's speech tomorrow night.

It is also interesting to read parts of Bush's interview with CBS talking about greater freedoms for the Iranian people.

Regime's downfall is in sight.


leila said...

to chera ingadr khareji hasti ye kam irani fekr kon

Anonymous said...
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marjan said...

lol. now i lerant (?) how i can take a message...

Anonymous said...

Leila Jan:

Irani fekr kardan ro misheh tozih bedin? Merci.

Tasha said...

"Regime's downfall is in sight."

I hope you're right