Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Opposition Part II

This funny but true article titled "Satellite TV Brings Iran a Sense of the Ridiculous", Original Article on, made me write part two of The Opposition

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Yes, it is so true. The LA based TV channels have no clue about what they are talking about and are disconnected from the mainstream Iranian society.

Let me put it straight forward and say that these LA based TV channels can never help free Iran. Period!

Watch some of them here including, few IRI TVs, the terrorist MEK/NCRI TV and other independent TV stations who don't want to have any thing to do with the politics at all.

The state reformists TV channels are as useless as one may imagine. If the LA based TV channels do no good, the reformers' TVs cheat on the Iranian people, that is for sure. The reformers are truly apologizing for the regime's deeds.

I am also upset about the fact that Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi, whom I admire a lot, never tried to educate these ancient monarchists on Iran. I am truly ashamed to call myself a believer in the constitutional monarchy though when I see these so-called monarchists are still stuck in 1977 and show no differences with the Mullahs ruling Iran today. Mullahs are stuck in 1400 yrs ago!

I have held this argument, for too long, that if any one wants to help liberate Iran from the tyranny and Mullahs' dictatorship, he/she should focus on educating ordinary Iranians on the globally accepted social values such as Democracy, Secularism, Freedom of Speech & Assembly, Respecting others' thoughts and beliefs ...etc

We often hear that democracy is a long process and I'd say that the democratization is a long and troubling process especially in countries like Iran with a long history.

Many Iranians can not even stand to hear any thing against their frozen beliefs , you don't believe me, check these two pieces here and here

They simply couldn't understand that such panels will let the stupid or bright ideas be judged by the public.

That is why I believe some so-called opposition groups have no idea what they want in the first place.

I am afraid these people may leave us with the only available option which is the Military action to liberate Iran and obviously it is the worst option at the moment.

They claim they want to bring down the regime of Mullahs but they are fighting each other, they do no good to the Iranian people, they damage their own crediblity, they make mullahs look good in the Iranian people's eyes and do nothing at all to further the democracy in Iran.

That is why the US government and especially President Bush's admin haven't done enough to support the Iranian opposition groups. They don't know whom to begin with, whom to trust more and who might be able to lead the council of the Iranian groups opposition.

Obvisouly all of these have a cultural and historical background and we are aware of it, yet we don't have the guts to admit to it and try to solve the problem though.

Last word in this post is that the key to liberate Iran is "education".

Educate ordinary Iranians on what democracy really means. Teach them on how to speak respectfully to their political opponents, educate them on civil rights and believe me in the long run, Iran will be the country which we all dream of.

I'll try to write more on the Iran's regime opposition groups soon! Stay tuned...


آهو said...

True democracy in Iran
what a great weblog you have.

chester said...

Though the LA based TV stations are sorely lacking & may not function as you would like, it doesn't mean they do no good whatsoever or that they can't play a role in the near future.

Yes, education is essential and I don't think most in Iran really understand what democracy is and what it involves. But I think trying to teach Iranians while they are still living under this regime, is extremely difficult.

Yes, the opposition groups are divided and can't seem to come together, and that is a big source of difficulty for the White House in trying to give help and support for the freedom movement.

The only thing the opposition groups seem to have in common is that they oppose the regime. They need to put aside their differences of how Iran should be governed until after the demise of the regime. A number of blogs and groups have tried to do just this by calling themselves Democracy groups with no affiliations with or bias toward any political group, but it still hasn't worked.

What the opposition movement has always lacked is a neutral, trusted, well liked and accepted leader to pull them all together.
And this movement should have only 2 goals : to bring down the regime and then have a referendom to vote for a gov't. Anything beyond that, should not be a part of the freedom movement.