Friday, February 17, 2006

Bernard Lewis

I just finished reading The Crisis of Islam: Holy War and Unholy Terror by the famous American historian Bernard Lewis

As a person who was raised and spent most of his life in an Islamic society like Iran, I admit to the fact that after reading this book I realized how little my knowledge about Islam and the roots of its today's problems was.

It is a highly recommended book which will open every one's eyes on the issues related to the Islamic terrorism and jihadism.


chester said...

Speaking of terrorism, what do you think the reaction should be of the U.S., Israel (any other countries) and the UN, regarding Iran promoting suicide mission classes at univ?
The regime has made threats about suicide bombers before.
When is it time for the U.S. to say enough is enough?
And when is it time for Iran to be kicked out of U.N.?

Anonymous said...

Good questions Chester. If you asked me, Iran should've been kicked out of U.N. a long time ago. And regarding the suicide bombing recruitment efforts, I think it's demonic and evil. Note: thy prey on the youth in colleges. The mollahs are rotten to the core.