Tuesday, February 7, 2006

On Protests in Tehran

These days the controversy over the Muhammad cartoon reached the streets of Tehran and I have no doubt that the Islamic regime is behind the protests (like other events when the regime rents a mob to fill the streets)

See some pictures here, here and here!

Every time that we have demonstrations by handful of the Iranian people against the regime of Iran, the regime deals savagely and brutally with them but now an army of angry people can go and torch foreign embassies in Tehran and the gov't stays quiet?

I have no slightest doubt that these angry people are supported by the terrorist government of Iran to distract the world from their dirty deeds such as nuclear issues, oppressing the people and ...etc.

Actually the Italian foreign minister also said that these protests in Syria and Iran have been backed by the governments.

How can governments like Syria or Iran which are in control of whatever happens in every square inch of their countries, get caught unaware when armed crowds go out and attack foreign missions?

To the people of Denmark and other European nations, I say sorry!


Sahar said...

Those pictures are sad and scary...

Richards said...

Shame on Iran

Sahar said...

OOOOPSSS Richard, we don't wanna get nasty here. If you mean shame on Iran's government, then complete your sentence. If you mean anything else, we need a little chat.

Adrian said...

Good writing Winston.

I dunno what Richard meant, but please remember that we in west are not so used to write "Iranian gvt" and "Iranian people" and that we have some difficulties to make this constantly differentiation between those 2 very different groups.

Eventhough I know fully the differnces, I still feels sooo strange when constantly having to use the terms "Normal people of IRan" or "Mullah governement of Iran" :-D


Aaryaa said...

Interesting weblogs with interesting posts...nice to meet you...;)

Anonymous said...

Anti Danish cartoons' rallies turn into fiasco for the

SMCCDI (information Service)
February 6, 2006

An Islamist crowd, composed mainly by Bassij Para-military
force's members, smashed windows and threw several petrol
bombs and pieces of rocks at the Austrian and Danish
embassies in Tehran.

The organized rallies were intending to show, what was
supposed to be, the massive indignation of Iranians over
the publication of cartoons depicting the Islamic Prophet
Mohammad. But despite all supports from governmental
circles and advertisements made by Mosques related to the
theocratic regime, which had called for a massive
participation, the demonstrators stayed under 400
individuals while the Iranian Capital has over 12 millions
of inhabitants.

The regime's regular Law Enforcement Forces made a show of
resistance in facing the Islamists. The scenario was to
fill the lack of Iranians "collective indignation" while
showing, as well, some aspect of challenges for foreign
journalists reporting from Iran.

This lack of popular support, for fanatical ways of
expression and some of the political goals of the Islamic
regime, is much more significant, as; it's coinciding with
the Shia ritual of Moharam month and the Ashura mourning.
By Islamists believe, Iranians should have been more
sensible to any parameter which might affect their
religion, but the today's event showed that this is not the
case, contrary to many other majoritary Muslim nations.

The today's fiasco, for the clerics, marks the unpopularity
of the ideological pillars of the Islamic republic regime
and shows better the increasing secular aspiration of
Iranians. It also proves Iranians sense of respect for the
freedom of expression, while many of them might have their
objection to the published cartoons.

Anonymous said...

Militiamen's brutality leads to clashes in N. Tehran
SMCCDI (Information Service)
Feb 8, 2006


The brutal manners of militiamen resulted, yesterday night, in some sporadic but violent clashes in the North Tehran Madar (former Mohseni) square

Zealous militiamen who were angered, by the lack of attention of tens of young Iranians for the Shia ritual of Moharam, started to harass them, but their brutality sparkled several hours of street fights.

Stones and home made incendiary devices responded, soon, the security agents’ use of clubs.

The street fights in the area continued till early morning of today with many elder residents shouting slogans, from their roofs, in support of the maverick youth who was defying the regime forces.

Several were injured or arrested following the intervention of elite forces of the Moosabn-e-Jafar division of the Islamist Militia.

Anonymous said...

آقای کاريکاتوريست از روزی که همه فهميده اند که ايشان با اسمهای مستعار برای خودش کامنت ميگذارد رفته و آرشيو تمام کامنت هايش را پاک کرده. افشاگران بزودی تمام اين کامنت ها را منتشر ميکند.

آهو said...

Winston jun,
This is very sad. At the same I think all these will lead to European's better understanding of these terrorist groups and their mentality. Maybe European union stops its support of Islamic Regime.

آهو said...

Winston joon, believe me I have no respect for them! If I used all thoes words was to tease them!