Tuesday, February 7, 2006

What should be done?

This has always been a question in my mind since my first visit to Europe in 2004 where I saw the graves of anti-Nazi resistant forces in a small city in a western European village.

My friend who was also trying to play the role of a guide in my tour told me that after the world war the European thinkers, writers, political activisits and politicians implemented methods such as laws and educational courses for the next generations to prevent fascism and in this case Nazism from regaining power.

I've kept asking myself what we, Iranians, should do in order to prevent the religious fanatics from regaining power in Iran.

What can we do to prevent the islamo-fascism from regaining power in Iran?

I think this might be some thing that no other Iranian might have ever thought or talked about.

I'd like to work on this idea and your help is greatly appreciated.

What kind of laws a freely elected parliament in Iran can implement in order to block such activities or ideas?

Is this some thing that laws can prevent? Or do you think it should be done through extensive secular educations?

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vashti said...

In order to solve an existing problem, we need to define and identify it in specific details (historical, sociological, organizagtional). For example: What is Islamo-fascim as it's uniquely practiced by the mullahs in Iran? How did it take form? How it found supporter and what was the method of it's expansion? What kind of sensibilities unique to Persian did it exploit to flourish? I would start from there.