Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Iranians and Nuclear Pride

According to a report on Persian language web site Rooz Online , as many as 69% of Iranian people do not consider Nuclear issue a National Case.

Let me add that Iranian regime has always tried to make nukes a national cause among the people and often compared it to the Oil Nationalization movement of 1951 led by PM Mossadegh and many westerners believe that this nuke thing is now a matter of national pride for the Iranians.
Well, it is true to some extent and many uneducated Iranians who have no access to the free media believe that the nuclear issue is a national one.
Any how, rooz online journal writes about a top secret poll which was conducted by the regime agencies couple of days ago and the results are as below:
69% of those questioned in the poll said the nukes issue is not a matter of national pride for them
86% believe the nuclear issue is not worth of going to war for with the rest of the world
94% of the people of the province of Khuzestan (Arab province of Iran) believe the nuclear issue is not of their major concern
91% of Iranian Kurds said the same thing and they think nukes issue doesn't concern them
98% of Iranians believe that the nuclear dossier will lead the country to a possible war with the USA
Only 28% of people questioned in this poll are worried about the war with the western world over the nuclear crisis the regime faces these days
And only 11% believe Ahmadinejad is able to solve their daily problems.
Is it not interesting?


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ظاهرا شما انتقاد پذیر نیستید ...چون دیگه به 54ری سر نمی زنید.باز به من هر چند خیلی با عقاید شما موافق نیستم ولی بازم میام اینجا

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tasha said...

"Only 28% of people questioned in this poll are worried about the war with the western world over the nuclear crisis"

That's an interesting figure. I wonder if it's because only 28% think the west would attack them?
Maybe more are worried about an attack from Israel?
Or do most think it will all be averted somehow?

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Great post.

سيدعلی گدا said...

وينستون جان شرمنده ، متاسفانه حجم کاريم يک مقدار بالاست و
...مرتب نميتوانم کامنتها را چک کنم

الآن آمدم در نت که ديدم مُنگول بی اسم و زير بوته ای تا
!!!توانسته در وبلاگم جُفتک و لقت انداخته

Anonymous said...

Winston: You should repost your post on Mesbah's son in Canada. I think more people know about Mesbah now and how influential he is in promoting and recruting suicide bombers while his son is living in a lap of luxury in Canada and I bet you, he hasn't signed up to be a martyr. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

winston! I checked Count Down's post. His was posted on March 7th and yours on the 8th.