Thursday, March 9, 2006

Iran's nukes sent to the UNSC

I have been very busy today and that is why I couldn't write an update regarding the Nuclear issue and the UN Security Council referral of the Iran's case!

But finally as many predicted before, the IAEA reported Iranian regime to the United Nations Security Council where more options to deal with the Iran's nukes are available and the US has more control on what may happen from now on... It is, for me, good news - bad news status.

It is good because it is the beginning of the end for a totalitarian regime and it is also great news because the world will have to take a unified position against the mullahs of Iran.

It is sort of bad news because I am worried about my friends and family in Iran who will have to endure the regime's brutality and possible sanctions. Although I firmly believe (I take the Americans' words for it though) that, this is not gonna be an all-out sanction like Iraq but it is still worrying me.

That is all about it.

It might also be bad for the human rights activists since the regime tends to push them away under the cover of the useless nuclear negotiations with the European powers.

Time will tell but one thing I am sure about is the demise of tyranny in Iran. It will go away and will become a part of the history of Iran!

It will go away...


chester said...

It's a start

Anonymous said...

Do you understand that Iran does not have Nukes..why is everyone in very cartoon like way accuses Iran of haveing something it does not have and keep lying about it.