Friday, March 24, 2006

My Plan

I have been ignoring all sort of news like the sham elections in Belarus or the news of the UN security council meetings on Iran for couple of days as I really didn't want to think about politics for a while. I really can't finish a long piece I started a long time ago on my reasons to back the war on terror though. It's been very difficult to concentrate when you have a lot going on in your simple life.

By the way, don't miss the CNN's Larry King live interview with the US first lady Laura Bush tonight at 9 pm EST. (Re-run will be at 12am EST & 3 am EST).

It must be very interesting. Updated: Read The Show Transcripts

I often watch Larry King when he has some famous figures on his show like last night, I believe, he invited Mike Wallace who is the CBS 60 minute show host and he talked about his famous interview with Khomeini as well.

It is interesting to talk about how some leftist/reformist Iranians think the rise to power of Ahmadinejad is the America's fault and I need to tell them that there is not much differences between them and the Mullahs as long as both of them think the US is the main reason behind their problems and miseries. ((That is why I don't like Leftist, because they always remind me of Mullahs and their cronies - LoL)) -- Well, they argue that the America (Bush)'s call to boycotte the last sham presidential elections in Iran resulted in appearance of Ahmadinejad, which is untrue:

1- Americans and especially Pres. Bush never called for a boycotte and all they did was to protest along with other western gov'ts against the banning of 1000 candidates from running for the office.

2- These failed reformers and leftists should learn to clean their house first, before putting the burden of their own wrong doings and miseries on other people's shoulders.

Aside from this, I am working on a plan to run a small survey in Tehran through my friend "Downer" regarding the sentiments of the Iranians on variety of issues such as the US aid to the Iran's democratic movement, Iranian nuclear issues and bunch of other subjects.

We'll see...

پاسخ من به جماعت باصطلاح اصلاح (اسهال) طلب در مورد اينکه پرزيدنت بوش و امريکا را عامل شکست خود در انتخابات اخير ايران ميدانند. همينطور راجع به طرحي که در دست دارم در مورد يک نظر سنجي کوچک از مردم کوچه و خيابان در تهران راجع به مسئله اتمي و همچنين کمک امريکا به روند دمکرسي در ايران


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Sirous Said:
I support your firend's survey.tell me how he is going to do that.

Rosemary said...

Could you please ask them if they would follow Ganji's leadership, now that he is free? I'm hoping he will continue his push for freedom for all Iranians without getting hurt. He may even have to leave the country for a while to do this. I'd sure like to know the answer...Thanks.

Winston said...

Rosemary, thanks for visiting here again.

I will surely ask them about that and I will write my questions here and you'll see the sample question answers here shortly

شراره said...

سال نو مبارک

Rosemary said...

Thank you, Winston! I will patiently wait. ... Are you done yet? lol.

I missed CNN. Oh, that's right, I don't waste my money on cable. lol. I know. I'm a mess. Are you done yet? (j/k)