Saturday, March 18, 2006

Norooz in Canada

Under the Azure Dome

With special thanks to Nikahang for the tickets, we could get in the final moments before the performance.

Norooz is just 3 days away and Iranian community of the city of Toronto is celebrating this event by holding concerts, movie screening, special children programs, dance and other musical shows in Harborfront Centre, Toronto.

The photo was taken by me during the Iranian classical music concert last night.


Tasha said...

Norooz Mobarak!
Sad Saal be in Saal-ha !

Sahar said...

I am so happy that you and Nikahang kissed and made up. ;)

We should all be supportive and respectful of each other, even though we may not agree on everything. That is why we need the freedom and democracy.

Anyway, I wish you all the best in the new year, Winston...

Winston said...

I just dislike his nonesense political views and analysis. other than that he is a great cartoonist.

And given his age, he has become a rusty conservative reformer!

روزبه said...

"We should all be supportive and respectful of each other, even though we may not agree on everything. That is why we need the freedom and democracy."

Winston does not believe on what you said above. If want the proof I can send you the eintire history of my email exchange with him

Winston said...

Roozbeh the idiot!

Like I said, if this NEO-CONish blog bugs you, go away and stop reading it.

No body has forced you to read my BS (if that is what you think it is) and moreover, I am fine and I dont need your democracy.

روزبه said...

It does not bug me. And no I don't think it is BS. And I never used offensive words like you do.
You claim you are campaigning for democracy and freedome.
Fine! Perfect! I salute you for that stand!
You gotta show that you practice it. The first step is to tolerate different ideas. Stop cursing at people and start a respectful conversation.
Calling me idiot does not make me one and certainly does not make you smart.
This is going to be helpful for you. This way you can show your readers that you truely belive in what you are preeching.
You think our biggest problem is this regim or that regim.
It is not! Our biggest problem is that we don't know how to TALK to eachother. And you are showing a clear example of that. Your answer to my words is curse! Do you think it is smart?
Have a happy new year and may you learn in new year to respect other people's opinion

Winston said...

practice what you preach dude!

Go back and read what you wrote on my previous post on Iran Freedom Concert.

روزبه said...

I know what I said.
I raised a question about your behavior and I say it again here.
You claim to be a Neo-Con. That's fine. You claim to be a democracy activist. Perfect!
You go around and insult anyone who has a point of view a little different than your. Any one who disgrees with you, you call'em "leftist", "Cmmunist",etc.
Many of these people have a lot of similarities with you.
Now, when you wrote that you want to ask Roger Waters to sing a song about Iran. That was shocking to me. That guy is known for his extreme leftist ideas and for being an Ani-Bush activist and especially anti-war (he wrote a song for it).
With your standard I expected that you send email to him nagging about his stance!
I am surprised about the double standards. You insult your friends for their ideas and then send email to a person who has even more radical ideas and ask for help!
Now, you tell me. Where in whatever I said, I insulted you. Other than saying you are making a fool of yourself.
The truth is, I think you don't know what democracy is. You do not 'behave' like a freedom lover person (not in your weblog).
I am gonna keep posting this comments until you tone it down and start talking. I have not seen any civil response from you yet. It is all cursing and labeling.
You have to learn to respectfully talk to people.
Just say it out loud that you have the altimate truth and you can not stand different ideas. In one word say that you do not belive in democracy.
This way, people would know what to make of you and what you write in your blog.


Anon said...


Your posts are here at the whim and discretion of the blogger, Winston.

That being said, stop being an obnoxious a$$hole.

If you don't like what the blogger has to say, LEAVE.

If you have something to say about the articles, fine.
Stop attacking the blogger if you want your posts to be posted.

روزبه said...

I do not understand why do you guys insist on using offensive lanuqage here?
If the owner of the blog does not like my comments he can delete them (as he has done that before).
Winston, himself, on systematic and daily bases leaves offensive comments on people's weblogs.
A person who claims to have a stand for democracy should excercise tolerance.
Or clearly say that he does not believe in democracy and freedom so that the reader know what kind of person they're dealing with.

You raised a good point though. This conversation is not related to the post and it is rather inconsiderate of me. But don't worry. If Winston does not like it he can delete it.

Winston said...

ajab giri kardim az daste in mollayan.

olagh joon, it is none of your business how I deal with other people or how I interpret Freedom of Speech.

Like I have always said, Freedom of Speech doesnt belong to Khomeini, Hitler, Stalin, Ahmadinejad and Osama Bin laden minded people (you included)!

Now, it is also none of your business how I manage my hateful blog.

Go away dude if you disagree with me or dislike my BS weblog.

I removed your comments because they were just BS like other comments you have made here.

You called my Roger Waters idea as nonesense and idiotic, now I am returning fire. You offended me, now I am trying to test your own tactics here and see if it works.

dude, you mullah backed guys have a long way to understand how this world works and stop lecturing me on Democracy and other stuff.

Over & out!

Winston said...

BTW, I will delete your irrelevant posts/comments from now on!

سینا مالکی said...

Dear Winston;
Happy nowruz
happy ganji's freedom

Winston said...

Thanks Sina!

Same to you my invisible friend...

کامران said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Richards said...

Winston, you seem not to understand the level of ignorance and blindness of this a$$hole who is leaving comments on your blog.

I would ignore him if I were you

Anonymous said...

Happy new year Winston!