Thursday, March 2, 2006

Police Kick

Iran defeated Costa Rica (3-2) in a friendly soccer match in Tehran’s Azadi Stadium on Wednesday.

In the meantime around what was believed to be 50 young Iranian girls were trying to get into the giant Azadi stadium to support their national soccer team.

But as you see they were confronted by the regime's security officers and were barred from attending the Azadi (Azadi means freedom in Persian - there is no freedom at all) stadium on Wednesday.

Police officer in the 4th picture is trying to kick the poor girl! I assume that is how he deals with his own kids and woman too and it reminds me of how Taliban used to deal with females.

Don't worry, Iran is heading that way to become the Shiite version of the Taliban.

I am totally speechless on the shameful status of the human rights in Iran.


lida said...

filme ofside dar hamin rabetast... mahshare...

کـیانوش said...

Leap Frog said...

This is very alarming to see.

I watched with shock on TV last year when they showed (a rally marking the International Womans Day in Turkey, at a university I believe) a big brute of a police/security man kicking smaller female students they had knocked to the ground.

This image won't go away... the Turkish police with their heavy boots and batons were kicking at striking defenceless young women. --just sick. This from a country that considers itself ready to join the EU...

Thanks for linking this.

Leap Frog said...

Please if I may, address to the second commenter on this thread, just wanted to let you know I love all the pictures on your site, thank you.

I left a comment but not sure if I pressed the right tab. :)