Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Political Norooz Greetings

It seems to be impossible to stay away from the political debates and news stories when you want to.

But this is more of a Norooz related story any how!

Statesmen have sent the Iranians some new year messages and I thought it is helpful to see who says what about this occasion.

First let me start with Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi's new year message

تصوير رضا پهلوی

بيانيه شان مک کورمک، سخنگوی وزارت خارجه امریکا به مناسبت نوروز

The US State Dept. spokesman sends New Year greetings to the Iranian community

More from the US State Dept. on Norooz celebrations in Persian language

آمريکايی های ايرانی تبار سال نوی ايرانی را با مراسم سنتی برگزار می کنند

English Version

And President Bush's Norooz Greetings in persian can be found here

پيام نوروزی پرزيدنت بوش

And This is the English version of President Bush's Norooz Greetings.

I will update this post if I ever find any more greeting messages from other statesmen or politicians and famous people.

I guess these sort of messages are given in countries with huge population of Iranians such as Canada, UK, Germany, Australia and Israel. Therefore the heads of these states try to reach out to the Iranian community of their own country.

Also Ahoo, an Iranian Jew living in the US and also blogging in Persian language, tells us a very important thing on how Iranians are able to have their own traditions freely in other countries except their own land, Iran. She says how disgusting it is when the Israeli flags being burnt by the radical militants in Iran and how nice it is when the Iranian flag is being greeted, respected and waved in Israel.

She says:
    This is due to the differences between Freedom and Tyranny, Love and Hate
In her post, she also draws our attention to pictures of these events in Israel through another Iranian blogger living in Israel and it is very amazing.

Btw, if you are reading this blog and also living in a country where the leadership of that country got a message for the Iranian Norooz, please send it to me and I'll update this post with a link to your blog.

اگر شما خارج ایران هستید و این مطلب رو میخوانید و دولت محل اقامت شما برای نوروز پیغام داده ، لطفآ برای من بفرستید که اینجا با لینک خودتون برای دیدن سایرین هم قرار بدم
Updated 1: Israeli President sends his Norooz greetings (Persian)


khedri said...

thanks for send me email with the pic of norooz . those are very nice and i am enjoing with thoseand said to all people of the world iran and iranian are very great and norooz is the shape of iranian . exuse me if my english is not well

Anonymous said...

Hey Winston have you seen this:


Anonymous said...

Sirous Said:

I didn't want to give credit to that weblog,just I like that photo.

Winston said...

Yes, I saw that a few days ago.

shlomo said...

Man, I'm not really a fan of the Pehlavis or any royal family, but that one daughter is a total babe.

Andy said...

Shlomo, you may not care about the royal families but we, Iranians, do and we hold them dear as they are part of our history and symbol of unity.

Pahlavis have done an awsome job of rebuilding and modernizing Iran during their short reign and they should be appreciated for what they did for our country.

آهو said...

Thanks alot Winston jun.

آهو said...

وينستون جان خيلي خيلي از پيام پر مهرت ممنونم. خدا كنه كه ما بتونيم برگرديم شما هم ما رو ببري دربند. من يه اين جور جا ها رو از روي عكس ميشناسم و از تعريفهاي بابام و ديگران. البته علتش اينه كه تهران زندگي نميكردم. ولي حالا ميبينم كه ييلاقهاي اطراف تهران خيلي قشنگه. البته كجاي ايران قشنگ نيست!

Abdol-Qader Balouch said...

سال نو بر شما هم مبارک باد

Amir said...

Good job Winston. I'll link to this post. Keep on adding stuff to it. Best, Amir