Sunday, April 30, 2006

Gooya News Publishes My Work

My Persian language readers now can read the translation of the latest NRO interview with Michael Rubin, I provided for Gooya News web site.

The other one, if you have filtering problems, can be found here: Gooya News 2

This is great because American politicians don't have a voice in the Iranian political spectrum and they can't defend themselves when they are talked about.

Unfortunately, Iranian people and political activists know little about the US politics and its role in the world and I thought these translations may change this a bit, hopefully.

لینک دوم در صورتی که مشکل فیلتراینترنت دارید
And I should extend my appreciation to Mr. Farid Pouya for helping me publish this piece at Gooya news


Joseph Salomonsen said...

Well done lad. Its sad that extremly few fellow iranians know litte of american politics and gurus. I feel as if Michael Ladeen and Michael Rubins article are a must read for any persian.

Join me in Hope said...

Dear Winston:

Bravo. Tremendous job. Truth shall prevail, my friend.

Louise said...

Yes. Very good news.

Sirous N said...

Very well done, both the interview and the persian translation.
Good job Winston

Chester said...

Good job!
That was a good interview.
I hope many Iranians are able to read it.

ملا حسنی said...

Well done.

Amir said...

Good show, excellent job of translation Winston, keep translating and writing in Persian.