Thursday, April 20, 2006

My Response To One Of My Readers

I have been arguing with a Canadian reader of my weblog whom I haven't met in person yet and we have been exchanging e-mails on issues concerning my support for Pres. Bush and freedom in Iran and the war in Iraq. He appears to be a civilized far left Bush hater as he puts it and what you are about to read below is the excerpts of my reply to him:

*** Stan Jones, as he signs his e-mails, has asked me "why I do support Bush" and that this support means WAR on Iran to him. He wrote:

    "You say:"I want the regime to be removed but not through violent actions."If that's the case why support Bush when there is a real chance he will bomb Iran to hell."
    See, War is not what I want. I have lived through it in the 80s and I wonder if any one in North America really knows what an Air Raid looks like.

    No, I don't want war for my country but when it comes to evils like Saddam, Mullahs of Iran, Hitler, Milosevic.... WAR IS A LESSER EVIL and It is a necessary one.

    As to why I asked you if you are American because you sounded like you know NOTHING about the American politics and how that country is being run.

    First of all, Bush doesn't equal war. Bush is the president of a democratic country that has to go to war even democratically through the congress of the US.

    I do see Pres. Bush as some one who means what he says. He means it when he says he supports the aspirations of the Iranian people to have a democratic state.

    And I personally don't think Pres. Bush is going to war with Iran. Both Condi Rice and Bush have said that Iran is not Iraq and the case here is different. It matters whom you believe, "Seymour Hersh the fossil" or the "President of the US"

    Bush is not the greatest president ever but he is one of the greatest POTUS on a list where Pres. Reagan, Nixon, Truman, Eisenhower, Roosevelt are, and HISTORY will judge him. he will always be remembered for liberating two countries and supporting others to be free. What s wrong with freedom?

    He has had a very difficult presidency. His administration took power when Clinton did ruin the US through 8 years of Liberal/Democratic governance and the whole American economy was on the path of recession in 1999-2000. He had to go through Sep.11th attacks, removing the Taliban in Afghanistan, dealing with North Korea, dealing with terrorism at home and abroad, convincing the pathetic democratic party on home issues, then it came the threat of Saddam and WMDs which wasn't his fault at all.

    As to what happened to his WMD case, I'd say he was given the same intel as others had been given, however, I am seeing that documents on Saddam activities is being translated for public use and they show that Saddam was about to restart his WMD projects.

    You can read about this here

    Freedom is what you have and allow you to criticize him. If you really want to feel how freedom is, take a trip to North Korea or Iran or even Syria. There you will appreciate the very freedom you have taken for granted here in Canada.

    Saddam manipulated the corrupt UN for 13 long years, massacred his own people, waged two wars on his neighbors and was a bad man. He HAD TO BE REMOVED the way he came to power. He had WMDs, he used them and he would use them agains if he was given the chance to do so.

    Bush was so brave to commit troops and money to remove this evil and I appreciate him very much. I wonder if you support saddam against him.

    If you really care about Iraqi or Iranian or afghan people, you should support them in gaining the freedom and democracy. Your heart may be in the right place but what you do is to give support to terrorists like Zarqawi or Mullahs of Iran or Talibans.

    I am not a Canadian by birth, but I am ready to volunteer to go to Afghanistan and help the Canadian troops as best as I can. Because I know what they stand for and it is the FREEDOM of bunch of innocent people from the evil of Taliban. The same Taliban who beat women in public and kill others who wants to live as a free man. Ask yourself: Do you want the same thing for yourself or your family and friends?

    Any ways, it is important for you to separate issues from each other and do not take an emotional step towards what is happening in Iraq.

    In Iraq today, Americans do not KILL people, those who are supported by regimes of Iran or Syria are trying desperately to wage a civil war in Iraq so the Americans leave and that they can rule the Iraqis. They want a mad man like Saddam to be back.

    Stop hating Bush, Start fighting those who really kill innocent people in Iraq, Torture and Jail people in Iran and resist the idea of the FREE MAN.

    If you westerners don't come to your senses in your scattered fight against the evil of Islamic radicalism and terrorism, you will fail yourself, your past generations and your children and grand children because the Radical Islamists hate YOU for your freedom and for the way you live.

    They cant stand you being free!

    Long talk cut short, but you seem to be some one who knows little about the world he lives in and what you know is based on emotions not necessarily Logic and Mentality.

    BTW, if you are in Canada, stop watching CNN or CBC and start thinking for a second about what is really wrong in our world. Who is the bad guy here: President Bush or those who deliberately kill women and children in Iraq or Afghanistan.


    ***Sorry guys, I am writing this around 5 am and I had to add couple of sentences to the post I forgot to write in the e-mail.


    Paul MacPhail said...

    Some good perspective on the reaction of local people to the war in Iraq.

    Brian Lemon said...

    I posted a story on the need for war last month:

    Louise said...

    Bravo, Winston. Very nice summary of what's wrong with the lunatic left.

    Anonymous said...

    It was the lunatic left in the 70's who supported the Islamist in Afghanistan (Mojahadin) and Iran (Khomeini) via their "Green Belt" project and President Carter et al against communicsm that has produced Osama, Khomeini(IRI), Hizbollah, Islamic Brotherhood,,,etc.

    The same left who supported these jihadist and Islamist in Iran were the first one who were slaughtered by the thousands by the regime of the Mullahs. In 1986, the regime killed 5000 left leaning dissidents in one day.

    It's not that the left is inherently wrong but they are deluded. The left doesn't live in reality. They see the world as they wish it to be but the right sees the world as is. It's not that the left is inherently deluded or clueless.

    Anonymous said...

    The Nuclear military strike is on the way against iran which would not only kill the terorrist Mullas but miliion of innocent iranians. Check the link below which is showing the result of US military nuclear attack on iran
    which would ultimately destroy every thing in iran an then tell me if you would still want war against yor country and if you do that means you are not an iranian patriod and are not any different from Islamic Republci regime!

    Chester said...

    "Stop hating Bush, Start fighting those who really kill innocent people in Iraq, Torture and Jail people in Iran and resist the idea of the FREE MAN."

    Excellent advice!
    Good piece!

    Arman said...

    You say: Americans don't kill people in Iraq... Are you blind? Of course they don't kill Iraqis as we speak. They are the "cause" of the current killings, because the so called insurgents want them out of Iraq...We are not fool my friend...

    Winston said...


    then ask yourself WHY they want Americans out of Iraq

    Ask yourself then who is killing Iraqi people

    Ask yourself Where were YOU when Saddam was massacring his people?

    Arman said...


    They want Americans out, because they don't like to see their land being occupied by foriegn forces...

    I don't believe even for a second that Iraqis are happier today witnessing their loved ones blown away every day in the streets of Baghdad by shear violence initiated by the occupation...Let's buy your argument for the moment...Then, a million dollar question is:

    What makes you choose Iraq (or in general Middle East) over other dangerous oppressive regimes? as a representative of those lets take China, Cuba, etc. They all have extremly bad records...why would americans not "liberate" these poor people? The answer is:

    0.5) After 9/11, Bush realized this is the best opportunity to get rid of the old foes...Fucking Jihad of course gave him enough motivation.

    1) Iraq is a piece of gold... A colonianl remnant which could be taken over in a few years, perfect location to monitor the Middle East with endless resources.

    2)It would be unacceptable to let an energy producing country become a notable military power.

    2) Who cares about Cubans?

    3) Are you crazy? Chineese are too hard to touch.

    Now you tell me: what justified pre-emtive act against Iraqis?

    WMD or imminent threat of Hussein or
    what? Please, come up with a good answer.

    Stan Jones said...

    Arman -- you're right of course. I'd like to hear a good answer, too. Bush squandered very wide spread world sympathy and support after 9/11 by attacking a defenceless country without good reason. Iraq was no threat to any country.