Sunday, April 16, 2006

Paradox Continued...

Again, my conflict is showing up on the fact that there is little philosophical and scientific backing for the changes we seek in Iran.
I think my conflict is a result of things I have been observing here in this democratic society and it might be another sharpnel of culture shock, although I was raised in a very western family back in Iran and religion didn't play any role in my life, but I am still suffering from the differences I have seen here and there.
چقدر فلسفه به معنای علمی در عقايد اپوزيسيون مخالف رژيم اسلامي نقش داره ؟ اصلاً من به جرات ميتونم بگم که من هيچ کدام از فاکتور هاي يک جامعه مدرن، پست مدرنش رو فراموش کنيد، رو در ايران که نميبينم و براي ما که دنبال تغييرات دمکراتيک هستيم تو کشورمون، اين شبيه يک فاجعه هست که هیچ ایده ی فلسفی وجود نداره که تغییرات مورد نظر ایرانی جماعت رو به بوته نقد بگذاره و یا از اون دفاع بکنه . اصلآ بین ما ایرانی ها چیزی بنام نقد فلسفی وجود خارجی نداره. نميدونم ديگه از ديروز که پست تناقض رو نوشتم يک لحظه هم آروم ندارم. اصلاً نميدونم چرا ايراني رو زمين زندگي ميکنه و اگه کسي ميدونه به منم بگه لطفآ
نميدونم شايد هم من انتظارم از جامعه سنتي و به شدت مذهب زده ايراني کمي زياد شده والا منو بابت زیاده گویی میبخشید این نیز بگذرد


Azadeh said...

Dear Winston,
I have left you many comments here and in the other weblogs, that don't bother futile argument with persons like Farangopolis and Sibil who had hiden agenda or at the best they are just ridiculously stiupid. But you didn't listen
Leave them alone or just make one commnet, that's it. Don't argue with them please and save your energy for something better.

Anonymous said...

And you wonder Why your paradox??,1,4569557,full.story?coll=la-headlines-world&ctrack=1&cset=true

"Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful." Seneca

گلین بانو said...

وینستون عزیز درود.... نکته جالبی رو گفتین. اما بالاخره باید چاره ای باشه تا از این درجا زدن چندصدساله بدرآییم؟!!پاینده باشی.

sepehr said...

dear winston thay are very rude and somebody must punishment them as a mater of fact i am not angry thay ignored me i am angery keyanosh became angery that some jerk insulted her for me
it is not fair
anyway as you said let it go
may be some day i f... that mf