Friday, April 7, 2006

Watching America

Watching America web site which is a good source of news and commentary credits my blog and the piece of translation of the hardliners' proposal to conduct military exercises by the US borders on their own web site.
It is appreciated!


Zionist said...

Hi Dear Winston

You'ved asked me some Q...
1- I Know Hebrew No Too Much but as like I've finished a primary course in. However, I try too much to icrease my knowledge in hebrew.

2- I've seen the web site dedicated to him and even that website had a persian part. Many day ago (and maybe 2 years ago) I saw a promotion in Jerusalem Post website declaring the challenge. I even has lost the link in that website.
But I emphesize that the possiblity that the Arad have been sold or sent to Iran is too high. Iran tremendously likes such cases.

3- Dear winston, I'd really like to go on writing about gov system of Israel. Be Sure to do it, I myself also think that the topic is of a high priority.

Thank you very much my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hostile military forces conducting exercises on the doorstep of the United States might finally wake up some people to the threat posed by fascism.

The ayatollahs, Castro, Chavez et al. are fascists with a vocabulary that appeals to the juvenile in all of us.

Actions speak louder than words, people should look at what these guys are doing instead of listening to what they are saying.

Arman said...

Hey you anonymous,

I think, we should get rid of all facists around the world at the same time including those warmongers in Washington... Next time you Americans elect a new "leader" make sure you do it right...No more morons please.. "Ahmadinejad the little moron" is probably one of the most dangerous minds around in today's politics, however, given how much resource and power he has access to compare to the "G.W. the moron" his threat is negligible..Keep your crazy, insane, oil thirsty politicians at home or Iranian's will make sure every American soldier flown over to Tehran goes back home but in a coffine.


Anonymous said...

So, when does the regime pay you next, Arman?

Arman said...

Whenever you get your pay cheque from your boss in America... what's your IQ by the way?


Leap Frog said...

Anons, there's no way to reason with some trolls. Once in a while you can actually have a conversation with one, but most resort to this kind of ignorance of hate America/blame America or hate Bush/blame Bush... and 'comments' are aways accompanied with the usual resort to childish name calling of others.

I know Americans well, they are MY neighbours not my enemy.
My enemy is one who tells me to 'hate' Americans or any other non-fascist group. This is not to say I believe we have a perfect relationship with America, but who does in this world? I'd like to know.

The CBC pipes in BBC hate-email shows about Americans for our enjoyment (- nice eh?) from BBC citizens all the time, so the brainwashing is being practiced here by media groups who think just like these trolls, nothing new around here.

Can't reason with trolls, MSM, LLL's, or anti-war protesters as the capacity to look at anothers' point of view is beyond their ability, like being stunted in growth, one can be stunted in critical thought through self induced ignorance. Easier to stay angry/blame/hate and show frustrated inept anger instead of thinking smart or discussing civilly.
The facts of our 'whole world' are both depressing and enlightening, strange to see so many go to the dark side when things get tough.

Watched a program about a near death air disaster... one where the group of passengers felt they were facing certain death... Most people that testified said they prayed and or hung on to hope, but one man's testimony caught my attention, his take was that the waiting to crash was the worst thing in the world for him, he kept hoping that it would happen right then, instead of going through the fear he was experiencing. He was ready to give up right away, had no hope and wanted to die NOW instead of feeling his fear. Very interesting don't you think?

The war from this fundamental Islamic Jihad began before 9/11 and continues today. The war on ignorance and stupidity has been much longer but maybe just as important now.

Arman said...

Dear Leap frog,

Who said "to hate America or Americans"?

I said "whoever" has similar beliefs as these warmongers in Washington should be blamed.

Please answer this question: is the camp running the White House as we speak, is representing America? Well yes and no...Only the RED STATES...Bunch of Rednecks with no knowledge of the world, IQ around 80 carrying guns, in some respect deeply religious (some how like stupid Jihadist of course in a different way. Pat Robertson get the idea right?...There is 30 million Evangelicans in America.

I was suggesting to get rid of this RED STATE MENTALITY " everywhere including America. I was suggesting to "liberate" progressive America I was introduced to from the hand of these warmongers.

I have great American friends whom I always look up to; Progressive and responsible. We have been working together on humanitarian issues in africa for a long time...They are my best friends...Progressive side of america is not observable in its foriegn policy my friend it is in the hearts of libral Americans who are ashamed of these morons in Washington pretty much like me being ashamed of the "little moron" in Iran. Hope this helps you to get the framework.


Leap Frog said...

Shallow response Armam,

"Bunch of Rednecks with no knowledge of the world, IQ around 80 carrying guns, in some respect deeply religious (some how like stupid Jihadist of course in a different way. Pat Robertson get the idea right?...There is 30 million Evangelicans in America."

And NO Armam I most certainly don't "get" this image - I'm not that shallow, this is your perception NOT mine.

This deliberate put down is displaying low intellect and baseless on a factual level. I have a much more realistic picture of hard working Americans who voted in the Republicans and conversely the hard working Canadians who just voted in the Conservatives, albeit a minority, it's a start.

There are fanatics on all ends of a spectrum, to equate the Bush Admin as "Jihadist like" is intellectually lazy, fanatical and alarmist like, if you know what I mean.

(Is your real name Dan by the way - seems I've had this same conversation with a Dan lately...)

D.C. said...

Dan ,

Is this Dan?
Arman , you sound sweet, but Leap brings up good points.
As for me, my favorite Americans are right in the midlle, not the loonies form the far right or the far left.
Bush is not all that bad, he had the toughest Presidency any Amercian President ever had. He had to make extremely difficult decisions.

Winston, I love your blog!!!

Must bloroll you, give us a few days to get at it.

Winston said...

Leap Frog, D.C

The Arman's view of America is what he has been fed with through the propaganda machine of the Islamic republic regime of Iran and far left sentiments in poor populations, especially in the middle east!

These people have nothing to yell at if the US ceases to exist or submit to their interpretation of life and culture, therefore they have to fight the so-called Imperialism in order to forget the pain and suffering their own regimes have been giving them for far too long.

Their idea of how world is running is sick (Sick mentally and take it not as a physical disease but more of a mental one).

However, I do believe these people can never understand the truth or have no will to find the truth on their own!

Arman said...

Dear Dan and Deep frog,

Let's ignore Winston and continue our discussion; I don't know where the hell he jumped into our civil disussion. With all due respect for him, he has nothing to offer. As you realize yourself his knowledge of this side of the world is very limited ( only 2 years out of Iran ). He has a lot of room for progress though. My best wishes for him even though I don't agree with anything he says :)

Why are you trying to prove your not shallow leap frog? Look at your response once more, there is no content expect restating what was obvious from your previous post without further reasoning (because there is not any).

I was saying "I miss progressive America"...Is this a crime? I love hard working people too, but I love hard working "responsible" people even more. Those who care about world wide effects of their votes not just on the fate of their little corn field in Iowa. Your problem in the right is that you have always been intimidated by the sophestication of the left. In such a way that calling someone "intellectual" to an average North American is somehow an insult.

There is a misconception in this continent about what is called "fanatic", mostly projected to the people by the media.

Fanatism is defined by "almost any idea objecting the "mainstream" line of thinking;
if you are not in the mainstream, you are not cool. Of course you are always welcome to start your rock band and sing anti-capitalist songs . Or if you look like Michael moore who is uncarismatic and way too far left.

You say : equating Bush Admin with fanatics is a fanatic act..

Dear leap frog! This administration claims to represent the free world right?

Wire tapping phones, anti-abortionism, anti-science movement (look at these idiots in Kansas banning "big bang theory" in high scool books), tax cuts for the rich and ignoring the poor, misguiding Americans by false, unfounded intelligence on Iraq, calling homosexulality a sin are not libral values in any political traditions my friend it is a dawn of fanatism of a new type, well adopted to the local culture of this continet and very much different from their counterparts in the middle East as it should be: different fanatics from different countries act differently.

Think about it...By the way I don't have the bad habit of faking my Identity so sorry to disappoint you I am not Dan.


Arman said...

Sorry for mispelling your nickname on the title of my comment leap frog...I wrote it fast and didn't reread my note.

Leap Frog said...

Arman, now I realize I also spelled your name incorrectly, was not intentional, my apologies.

As far as accusing Winston of barging in .. this is his blog or does that not concern you? To dismiss him in favour of listening to you ... because why? (as you say) He's only been in the "this" side for two years or so? Did you really say that?
Good grief, you are more prejudice than I first thought, now you think just because he came straight from Iran he's not able to contribute to a conversation I was having with him and his reasonable posters on his blog?

Winston sounds tremendously more grounded than you do to me.

Blog on Winston, I shall continue to read your every post and enjoy your perspective.

Winston said...

Leap frog, I shall blog until the day people like Arman realize how stupid and idiotic their ideas are but well, it is very funny that he tries to ignore me in my own weblog! LoL

Though I have come out of Iran a few years ago (I did travel to many places far beyond Arman's imagination), my knowledge of American politics is vast and I know more than any IRANIANS may claim he/she does know.

I think I need to turn to HaloScan in order to block idiots like Arman from leaving hillarious comments here and there... LMAO

Richards said...

Armani jeans, I wonder why you have nothing to contribute under topics posted on this blog.

All you have been doing is to go nuts and repeat Mullahs' words here. Simply stop it you moronic mullah

Leap Frog said...

Agreed Winston, sometimes some just can't be reasoned with.

Glad to have you on our blogroll.

Am so ever grateful that our current government won't cave in to terrorist like these creeps. Fanatical Islam is worse than when the nazis were pulling this least they were primarily from one source, this current network of evilness is a little harder to identify by exact location, but awareness by the formerly unaware is happening and leftist governments are starting to fall, (germany, canada) albeit not far enough for my liking.

And I'll try not to feed the trolls too much, so you won't have to bother with that and they won't think they are le roi commenter! LOL

Winston said...


Let's ignore the trolls!

Arman said...

Dear Leap frog,

This is Winstons blog and we all should thank him for providing this space on the Cyberspace for challenging each other's ideas. What made me to say what I said about Winston which i admitt was a bit harsh, is his paranoid response every time he faces an idea that doesn't seem familiar to his ears...He starts accusing everyone of being Mulla's supporter...Death to those pigs rulling Iran and whoever tries to cover their crimes up...

I find a little Mullah/dictator inside every Iranian I met in my life time. If they find what you say not acceptable they remove your voice.....We all should change this.

Just to inform you leap frog, I am not so sure about about rise of the right...In the UK it will definitly go back to the left...and let's not forget the entire south america which is shifting to left...About your Harper, I have to say, he won the election because of the corrupted librals and not so strong appearance of the NDP.


Leap Frog said...

Winston, agreed! :)