Thursday, April 6, 2006

Who owns the world? Jews or Saudis?

It's been a long time since I wanted to write some thing on this topic but I have been really busy with my daily life and I couldn't concentrate very well but this morning, while getting ready to leave the home, I saw a TV ad on an American channel promoting the Citibank and the old question of "who owns the world" came to my mind again.

The ad simply tells us how a Saudi funded group of banks owns 5 star hotels, famous financial institutions, factories and lots of businesses around the globe and how the Saudi oil money helps run these businesses in the US, Europe, Asia and else where.

I often hear the anti-Semite people repeating the stupid theory of the world being run by a handful of Jewish families or individuals but these anti-Semitic people always forget that their very own lives run by the Saudi Arabian oil money which is also being used to fund terrorists and murderers around the globe.

There are good pieces out there for the enthusiast readers to read more on this though:

This one is a neat one and this document made by the UN Security Council sums it up!

Yes, Saudis Fueling Terror world wide and they own our world and have enough power and tools to endanger our safety and security.

To anti-Semitists, I say tonight: Think twice before repeating the old and invalid theories that no one is going to buy in the 21st century. ;-)


programmer craig said...

Oil is a very powerful factor in the global economy, that's for sure. More important than cash money. Iran has the leverage it has right now because of the oil as well. Which brings up some interesting considerations, both regarding Iran and regarding KSA. The Oil can be gotten with or without the current governments in both those nations. The US doesn't buy any oil from Iran, but China certainly does. And China's demand for oil in the coming decades is going to be more than the open market can supply.

As far as the Saudis - not really sure what they are up to with spending so much of their oil capital in foreign investments. The population in KSA must be small enough that they have large cash surplusses? KSA doesn't HAVE any other export, do they? Maybe they are planning ahead for when the oil money dries up?

سینا مالکی said...

Dear Winston!
It was a great and new view to the question. in my idea all of these ideas become from people who don't beleive in their own abalities

Anonymous said...

Dear Winston: I'm so glad that you're shining light on the hypocrisy of the jew haters and Islamist apologists propaganda. I'm sick and tired of reading posts in the manner of Bolshevick style patchwork of Marxist
anachronistic, detached from econmic realties of today's world rhetoric and propaganda. Enough already and please join the realty-based community of global village you leftist hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

"Who owns the world? Jews or Saudis?"

neither and both at the same time.
there are secret societies that literaly own the world, some are jews, some are muslim some chinese american etc

they are the worlds elite

think about it this way, whoever controls international banking owns the world

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy theories are never thought up by people in management positions.

Anybody who has had to organize a group of people and get them to accomplish even a simple task will understand how exceedingly difficult it can be. Even, or especially, if the group is made up of supposedly reasonably intelligent people.

It's like there is a conspiracy of the willingly stupid to drive managers crazy! AAAAAHHH!!!

Leap Frog said...

Saudi's do to me, as seen in that they are buying up huge portions of prime real estate here.

Sending their children to outside universities ie, medical schools. Lots of them here in Can. Our government likes the money, I've read that they can charge three to four times what they charge a natural citizen, we have major physician shortages yet our government gives more seats to foreign nationals like Saudi students then they do Canadians.

Follow the money.