Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Don't Talk to the Mullahs

Christopher Hitchens is at it again however he once did make a mistake by the proposal he wrote about, but this time he got it far better than last time, however he is still a bit away from where he should be.

I still see some problems with his mindset towards the Islamic regime of Iran and let's face it:

link to original Christopher Hitchen's new article

    "...since Western technology helped to build the Iranian reactors in the first place, there is no need for Iran to go pirating for centrifuges and other techniques on the black market as it has repeatedly been caught doing. If a peaceful nuclear program is truly what it wants, we alone can help maintain and enhance it..."
Here, he sounds just like John Kerry, if you will. No nuke for Mullahs means no nuke for mullahs. Be it peaceful or military.

Mullahs + Nukes = Apocalypse Now
    This is no longer a matter of "public diplomacy" or "image" or "making nice." A wrecked Iran in one form or another is an immediate and urgent danger, and the pathetic religious demagogue at its merely titular summit is of no more significance than a false prophet screeching in a real wilderness. Almost everything that went wrong in Iraq went wrong because we postponed the real decisions until it was almost too late. President Bush has a chance to redeem this by speaking directly to the Iranian people and the international community and bypassing the wicked men who have run a noble country into a swamp of beggary, violence, crime, corruption, and disaster.
Brilliant idea, sort of, but seriously do you really think the mad Mullahs let the Americans come and do the job for the people of Iran?

I do believe, too, that President Bush must speak directly to the Iranian people couple of times if he really thinks that Iranian regime must change and the change must come from within Iran but I really don't want the US to respond to that freaking stupid letter because it will legitimize the Islamic Republic in the world stage and President Bush is smarter than that to give the Mullahs such a fantastic opportunity.

I really don't understand it when some people say the regime is not legitimate but then again they want them to be talked to. Let's help the people of Iran change the regime and then we can leave these minor problems for the next democratically & freely elected government of Iran to solve. They can handle it.

But all in all, I like Christopher Hitchens for saying this in the first paragraph of his recent piece:
    "... [Ahmadinejad]... "posing [as president of Iran]," because, however many times our media babble about his "landslide" victory in Iran's "elections," everybody knows that he was put in by the reigning mullahs at the very last moment, after all independent and reformist candidates had been eliminated from the process, and that the counting of the votes was an insult to the meanest intelligence. I repeat the word "posing," because, even as he was putting his signature to the infantile diatribe he dispatched to President Bush, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was being further exposed to his own people and the world as the wretched puppet that he is.
You got it right, Christopher Hitchens. Keep it up!

Thanks a bunch.


Aryamehr said...

While "diplomats" discuss on whether to talk to the Mad Mullah's or not the SAVAGES are bulldozering away Iran's cultural heritage sites! executing Iranians! Torturing Iranians! Jailing Iranians! Oppressing Iranians! And at the same time they FUND, CREATE, and HARBOUR terrorists organizations and promote the Arabization/Islamization worldwide!

See my blog to understand my fury at this very moment.


Aryamehr said...

Don't talk to the mullah's send them to HELL!

Anonymous said...

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Winston said...


Ditto that!

I want to strangle them too

Rosemary said...

Dear Anonymous,
It is because of people like you that my people live on a reservation, so could you please watch you language? Sometimes, ladies read this site as well. BTW, Winston is welcome here! What's wrong with you? Don't call people out of their names, okay? You are wrong.

Dear Winston,
Great post! I agree we should not even recognize we received a letter. Either that or I would have said something like, "Oh really? I received a letter? Maybe that's what my dog was eating!" LOL. Have a wonderful day. :)