Monday, May 8, 2006

Iranian Desperation

The clerical regime is getting desperate, I believe.

"Iammadinjihad" (new nickname for evil Ahmadinejad) has sent President Bush a letter, according to Fox News.

    "In the letter, Ahmadinejad proposes "new solutions for getting out of international problems and the current fragile situation of the world."
Sounds like a threat to me though and they know President Bush means it when he says "All Options Are On The Table" and the regime may know that this nuclear issue will be putting an end to their reign. President Bush repeated that in April 19th, 06.

What I can say, is that regime may be trying to buy some time to get the A-bomb and surprise every one. And that the regime wants to make the world believe that they are after negotiations, not with EU, but with the US. And it also may influence the UNSC members

Oh by the way, I hope the Swiss embassy staff (Switzerland is in charge of diplomatic affairs between Iran & the US after 1979 revolution) scan the letter and just send an image of that since 'Iammadinjihads' Hygiene is not good and Pres. Bush may get sick too. HaHaHa!

Update 1: US dismissed the stupid letter full of nonsense and BS.
Rice: Iran Letter to Bush Changes Nothing according to VOA News

Update 2: Translation of President Ahmadinejad's letter to President Bush provided by Le Monde in pdf format (English)

Update 3: Hugh Hewitt interviews Victor Davis Hanson on Radio Blogger. Listen to the interview here

Update 4: Pres. Bush dismisses the letter link to the original Reuters' story


Chester said...

Another stall tactic.

Funny last paragraph you wrote. LoL

Anonymous said...

Oh by the way, I hope the Swiss embassy staff scan the letter and just send an image of that since 'Iammadinjihads' Hygiene is not good and Pres. Bush may get sick too. HaHaHa!


Anonymous said...

This marks the anniversay of Mohammad's letter to leaders of the world (Persian King, khosrow Parviz) before he started his empire building project and destroying other nations and their culture.

628 A.D.: religion
Mohammed's letters to world leaders explain the principles of the new monotheistic Muslim faith, as they will be contained in his book, the Koran (Qur'an), which will instruct its readers, "Fight the unbelievers who are near to you."

Winston said...


Thanks for the clarification. I completely forgot that thing.

You are right! Now the Mullahs are lecturing the world the way their prophet did back in 1450 yrs ago.

S S M said...

HeHe!!! Funny!!

peace said...

here is part of the letter:
"History tells us that repressive and cruel governments do not survive. God has entrusted the fate of men to them."

"Can one deny the signs of change in the world today? Is the situation of the world today comparable to that of 10 years ago? Changes happen fast and come at a furious pace."

And this:
Liberalism and Western-style democracy have not been able to help realize the ideals of humanity. Today these two concepts have failed. Those with insight can already hear the sounds of the shattering and fall of the ideology and thoughts of the liberal democratic systems."


Anonymous said...

These word coming out of a terrorist and an assassin's mouth? How convenient!!!!!!!

Isn't he wanted by Austrian's authorities??

Anonymous said...

Who's Ahmadinejad?

...In 1986, Ahmadinejad became a senior officer in the Special Brigade of the Revolutionary Guards and was stationed in Ramazan Garrison near Kermanshah in western Iran. Ramazan Garrison was the headquarters of the Revolutionary Guards’ “extra-territorial operations”, a euphemism for terrorist attacks beyond Iran’s borders.

In Kermanshah, Ahmadinejad became involved in the clerical regime’s terrorist operations abroad and led many “extra-territorial operations of the IRGC”. With the formation of the elite Qods (Jerusalem) Force of the IRGC, Ahmadinejad became one of its senior commanders. He was the mastermind of a series of assassinations in the Middle East and Europe, including the assassination of Iranian Kurdish leader Abdorrahman Qassemlou, who was shot dead by senior officers of the Revolutionary Guards in a Vienna flat in July 1989. Ahmadinejad was a key planner of the attack, according to sources in the Revolutionary Guards. more...

I Know, I know, it's MEK, But the information is true.

chester said...

Besides being a stall tactic, it's something to show the rest of the world that Iran is willing to open dialogue and U.S. is not.

Anonymous said...

My letter to Ahmadinejad
By Nema Miliania