Saturday, May 27, 2006

Niagara Falls

I went to Niagara Falls today, badly foggy and wet there, however it was a refreshing change in my life and a short get away from all these politics and news stories...

I am posting some pictures of this short trip as well.

I'll be updating you on protests in Iran, which I heard is getting bigger and bigger, shortly.


a Duoist said...

Great pictures; keep 'em coming!

What does the Farsi on the headband read, and what is the actual significance of all the American-flag draped coffins? What does the red flower signify on the right hand side of one of the photos? When were the photos taken?

Chester said...

Looks like the main drag (street) has really "grown up" since I was there last.
Hope you get a chance to go back on a nicer day.

Anonymous said...

Dear Winston

Recently I read in BBC that Bush has responsed to the Ahmadinejad's letter. You have told that US does not recognize Iranian gov. I think this is against what you said. I think you need a higher level og vision to upgrade your comprehensive knowledge of politics

Zionist Buddy

Leap Frog said...

Ah Niagara Falls, it is a lovely place to help clear the mind, been there myself a few times.

I'm on watch for developments through your blog Winston.
Wouldn't it be fantastic if the Iranian students did topple the evilness at the helm now?
And it would be the best for Iran as well.
So any bets as to whom LSM will smear/blame if the Americans are not involved? This won't fit their plans at all. Guess our reporters can continue whining about themselves-yawn.

Thanks for the updates.

سيدعلی گدا said...

سلام وينستون جان

آبشاری بسيار زيبا که در مرز کانادا و آمريکا قرار دارد ، هميشه دوست داشتم که اين آبشار را از نزديک ببينم

راستش آن موقع که راهنمايی بودم ، در عالم نوجوانی با بچّه ها هميشه در مورد اين آبشار بحث ميکرديم و آرزو داشتيم که روح الله خمينی را با دارو دسته اش بيارند به اين آبشار و از آن بالا همشون را بريزند داخل اين آبشار .... اما فلک لاکردار اين آرزو را بر دل ما گذاشت و آفتابه زهر مار را به دست
!!!روح الله داد

Sina said...

Hey Dude,

I might go to Canada for a visit soon,I'll give you a shout if I am in Toronto,

Nice pix

programmer craig said...

good good, WInston. Life goes on, regardless of what's happening in the world, doesn't it? Thanks for the reminder :)

I'm wondering about the flag draped coffins too. Somebody put a lot of time and effort into that. What's the purpsoe supposed to be? Is that supposed to scare Americans, or is to harden Iranians?

Joseph Salomonsen said...

hmm i miss Canada

Rosemary said...

I went to Niagra Falls when I was 17 with the Drum Corps I in. It was fabulous! The air was fresh, the people were kind, and we had a lot of fun. I pray you may find some peace, if only in your heart. :)

Louise said...

I'm beginning to think the flag drapped coffins are just big posters in the background. The next group of pix, above this entry about Niagara Falls, seems to show that they are a backdrop of some sort, not real, in other words.

BTW, I've been to the Falls, too. Pretty awesome.

آهو said...

I have not been to Canada yet.
thanks for the pictures