Monday, June 5, 2006

Canada supports US over Iran

Canada's foreign minister Peter MacKay issues a statement in support of the United States' diplomatic efforts over Iran's nuclear issue.

Canadian FM on Iran's nukes
    “We call upon Iran to respond positively to this significant development and to the ongoing efforts of the European trio for a diplomatic solution, which Canada fully supports"
Mullahs getting more isolated...


Anonymous said...

George Bush played 'Rope a Dope' again - and it worked again!

Good for Canada to show support for our civilized neighbours, unlike our former knee-jerk liberalist anti-American government.

Religious fanatics with nuclear weapons is a bad thing, how can anyone not understand that?

Papa Ray said...

Don't get your hopes up.

All this proves is that Iran will be able to delay and laugh at everyone's efforts to stop them.

Even if there are sanctions, that will only give the Mullahs excuses to unleash their dogs and to be the "victims" of the evil Bush and his "little Satan"- Israel, the evil jews that want all Persians and Arabs dead.

The 12th will be among the Persians soon with a terrible faith for the unbelievers.

That is what they really believe.

Papa Ray
West Texas