Tuesday, June 6, 2006

D-Day Remembered

June 6th, 1944 will always be remembered, through history, as one of the brightest days of human history.

A day where thousands of determined men risked their lives to bring freedom upon millions of oppressed Europeans.

We shall never forget this day and we have to keep on remembering the human cost of freedom and ultimate sacrifice of the Americans, British and Canadians soldiers along with other good people who helped free a world from the rule of Fascists and Nazis.

Their sacrifice and their courage make us all inspired and help us in our modern-age war on terrorism, that is the new format of Fascism of our days.

We ought to remember D-Day in order not to forget that freedom is not free and prosperity we all enjoy today was not an easy thing to earn.

I owe the veterans for the rest of my life and I salute them!

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