Tuesday, June 6, 2006

I got a freaking funny mail

I just couldn't help laughing once I started reading this stupid e-mail. I, for one second, thought it is another Nigerian scam mail but when I read it twice it became quiet clear the below text was written by another idiot commie or something.

Let's review it together and find the fun parts of the leftist's mail sent to me today:
    You are a mis-guided soul. A following sheep.

    Your bigoted, hateful comments on the "....." are par for the course in the everyday hateful dialog of the radical far right.

    Your blind following is no excuse. Just because you claim to be Christian does not give you the right to kill, or support the killing of other people for your own gain. The president you support is a fraud, a warcriminal, a murderer, an ex-coke addict/alcoholic and he too, will be judged for his haneious crimes against humanity.

    You also will be judged by the very God you claim to love.

    "Ron McGill" thecolorturning2002@yahoo.com
Great! You know what, I just don't think I should respond to such stupid stuff just because some one said some thing freaking wrong about me, however I do leave that to my blog readers to tell him to shut up.

But let me just say that I am no christian, no muslim or no Buddhi. I am a nobody when it comes to religion. I just hate the religious idealogies. That is all I can say in response to this idiot for now.


Bill Baar said...

Start a blog and you hear from all sorts of odd balls.

peace said...

Iran's leading dissident and advocate for nonviolent internal regime change is expected to visit America this month at the invitation of Yale University and other higher education institutions.

peace said...

check out this great American blogger:
"Read the entire speech and realize that Iranians have options. They can follow Ganji instead of Ahmadinejad and Khameini and for all our sake, we should do our best to help them do so especially since MSM continues to help cover up the unrest"

scott said...

I hope you didn't mind the odd ball message I gave you last week regarding the blog I started. Ha! Ha!

Blogs for Rodney


Rosemary said...

Number one, I would like to know how they get off calling you a Christian? They do not know your religion, or even if you have one! The nerve of some CLOSED MINDED, KOOL-AID DRINKING, COMMIE IDIOTS!

Boy, that felt good. lol.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, thought you were Christian, still doesn't mean you're right. You're still being hateful and THAT'S what I was commenting about.

Sheesh, leave it to a warmonger to change the subject when he's shown the mirror...