Sunday, June 11, 2006

Iran vs Mexican Witches

It is Iran soccer team's turn to play its first game against Mexico in group D, today in World Cup 2006 in the city of Nuremberg, Germany. This will be Iran's third World Cup. We went out in the group phase in 1978 and 1998. Our only win at a World Cup finals was against the United States (2-1) in 1998. And for soccer/football lovers, this is quite an honor to see their national team playing in such a great event.

Any ways, there are some funny stories about the game and the Iranian national soccer team.

First, I read in some Iranian papers that Mexico has sent witches to Germany to protect their team and help them win the games. And to counter this damned trick, Iran has also sent bunch of Islamic clerics (mullahs) to read Quran verses for the players and keep their spirit up. The mullah accompanying the team said that infidel's tricks won't affect the believers of Allah's will and we'll definitely deter their evil tricks. We'll see if the darn mullahs trick work or not... LoL

There will also be mass protests against the Iranian regime during the soccer match according to BBC News:
    One of the biggest fears the Germans have for the World Cup is that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will come here to watch his team play.
It sounds like Germans don't like him. If so, then I have to ask them why they keep on appeasing the clerical regime and why they are so much interested in helping the mullahs to remain in power.
    Another leading member of the community said this demonstration would also be a protest against the proposals made for resolving the dispute over Iran's nuclear programme, which he described as latter-day appeasement.
Central Council of Jews in Germany is behind the protest against "Iammadinjihad's" anti-semitic remarks and regime's nuke issues.

Very well, the tragic part of this to me, is the treatment Iranian people often receive around the world, thanks to the mullahs of Iran, at most public places such as airports and stadiums...etc. Therefore, any Iranian citizen entering the stadiums in Germany during the tournament will be subject to police search. Well, it is offensive to me although I can understand why it is like that.

I do wish the national team the best of luck and keep my fingers crossed for the good news!

Update 1 @ 12:48 pm EST: Iran 1 - Mexico 1

Update 2 @ 1:55 pm EST: Iran 1 - Mexico 3 (( It's mullah's fault for sure)) - Beaners won the game! They deserved it...

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Aryamehr said...

Horrible game.

Winston said...

Yep... Horrible and very bad!

Aryamehr said...

I'm sorry to say this but with the lousy management of this national team and the depressed situation that Iran and Iranians find themselves in I do not see this team achieving what we would like it to achieve. Expect HUGE disappointment in the next games against Portogal and Angola.

BTW! F**K the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC! - President AN-Nejad had offered the players free trips to Mecca if they did well in the World Cup! No wonder they are doing SH*T!

Excuse the language but i'm pissed off right now.

Amir said...

The number one reason why Islamic Republic did bad in their opener is their lack of preparation. At this stage everything is different and only very few of the Iranian players on the Islamic Republican team have enough experience. This showed especially in the mistakes they made. Islamic Republic lost the game, Mexicans didn't really win it. They deserved to win, but not by two goals.

The reason Islamic Republic was not ready for the competition was that their President has made comments that turned most of the planet off and as a result no one wanted to play warm up friendly games against Iran. The toughest oppenent they had was Croatia and that was only because of the strings the Croatian manager was able to pull. That is why I disagree with "Aryamehr" (poor king) when he says the problem was management.

It is also to no one's benefit to mistake Islamic Republic for Iran. It is only fooling oneself. As the matter of fact it is very important under what flag one plays and I promise you that if there were an "Iran" and if the team played under their rightful flag, if they all had a Shiro-khorshid on their chests, they would never do as bad as they did.

It is this "dogaanegi" this two-sidedness, this confusion that is responsible for the result one witnesses and in this midst for us to think that in supporting the team that plays under the onion flag, we are supporting "Iran" is only fooling ourselves.

"Iran" twenty eight years after their freshman experience in Argentina, ought to be doing a thousand times better than this. But this is not Iran, this is an isolated and self-conflicted "Islamic Republic" that performs this bad.

And so I agree with Aryamehr's other comment that perhaps the offer of a trip to Mecca also added to their psychological problems.

Papa Ray said...

In my experience, the best teams have loyalty to the team, play well for the team, respect and make the extra efforts for their team.

Not for just for their Nation. Team spirit is developed within the team against all odds sometimes.

Papa Ray
West Texas