Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Islamic Regime of Iran in one shot

The above pictures were taken during a very top level session of the regime's officials in Tehran yesterday in which the Islamic revolution leader, Ali Khamenei, called for unity and strength within the mullahcratic regime of Iran after series of unrests around the country and he also called the US government the biggest threat to the stability of the regime.
    The Supreme Leader said the most important challenges Iran faces in its international relations result from the U.S. animosity toward the nation.

    The Middle East is of great significance for the global arrogance and the U.S. administration, he added.

    By establishing an Islamic system in this region and standing against the aggressive policies of the U.S., Iran has angered that country, he added
No dude, the most important challenge your regime faces today, is not the result of US animosity towards Iranians, it is due to YOUR OWN regime's animosity towards the people of Iran.

Any ways, these images show almost the entire Islamic regime of Iran where so-called reformer president Khatami sits along with hardliners and criminals. This is the truth about the mullahcracy ruling Iran today. There is no reformists Vs hardliners within this corrupt and brutal regime. They're all the same piece of crap that should be overthrown in one piece altogether.

More Pictures

Original Story by state-run Mehr news agency in English


Chester said...

Jeez. Never a 500lb bomb when you need one.
What a missed opportunity!

Papa Ray said...

No, I would want to make sure.

One 2000lb bomb.

Papa Ray

Louise said...

When they call for unity and strength, you know they're losing.

Zionist said...

Dear Winston

I have not seen about Munich in your blog so far cause I did not know your beutiful blog those days.

However I found your note on Munich Massacre useful and linked to it in my own blog.

I've tried too much to find Munich movie but I've not find it yet.

Thnx sir