Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Photos of women protest in Iran

Hundreds of women rights activist protested against the unequal Islamic laws on monday June 12th, in downtown Tehran and they were crushed, brutally, by the security forces of the mullahcratic regime occupying Iran.

I wonder where the Pink0-Liberal feminists are to support Iranian women?

Also, note the male protesters being beaten by the police.... It is not just a female vs regime's laws. It is Iranian people vs the entire Iranian regime. Iranian people do need our support NOW!

Reports indicate that many were detained by the authorities and a few were badly hurt and wounded. It is also reported that female security officers viciously attacked the crowd and threatened to kill the people if they don't leave the area. The initial protest was done by a few hundreds but at the end of the event, thousands of bystanders attended and helped the female protesters as well. Many journalist and photographers detained to prevent them from reporting the incident. The crowd chanted "Rights, Bread & Justice for women". Needless to say that reports indicate attendance of 5000 people in the protest against the sharia laws.

Here are handful of many pictures posted on several pro-freedom Iranian websites.

More photos @ Nasiri Photos & Kosoof photo blog & Iran Press News

These terrible pictures add more to my bitter anger toward the Mullahs occupying Iran. You know, I simply hate them for what they have done to Iran since 1979. I hate themullahs occupying my country! Take my words for it. Hate is such a strong and ugly word but using it against the mullahs has become so simple and easy for me. I hate them very much...

My own piece on The Shotgun weblog of The Western Standard Magazine regarding the women rights activits' protest in Tehran on Monday June 12th, 06

Gateway Pundit has more -- Another report by Iran Press News

Updates on detainees - 70 people were arrested yesterday / Rooz Online reports more on the protest in Tehran / BBC News talks of Iranian blogs covering this protest

حالا يک عده اصلاح طلب (اسهال طلب) ميگن که ميخواهند اين رژيم را اصلاح کنند. چطوری اين رژيم کثيف را ميخواهيد اصلاح کنيد؟ رژيم جانیان اسلامی ایران غير قابل اصلاح است


E J Hosdil said...

For some strange reason, North American women don't seem to care about their sister elsewhere. It looks to me that English speaking feminist feel that non-English speaking women are not worthy of rights.

eugene plawiuk said...

Yeah well once again you make a claim you can't substantiate that is that the left has not commented on this. Check my comment

Aryamehr said...

The Islamic Republic unleashes the animals in it's service (male/female security forces) and the world goes MUTE as usual. No wonder why we hear foreigners sometimes ask: "If the regime is so bad why don't Iranians do anything about it!?"

Current mood: Blow these bastards off the face of this earth!

Bill Baar said...

Eugene, the leftist I know seem to be on the Mullah's side. I'll post Winston's pics on a website in Chicago and watch the reactions.

Chester said...

eugene plawiuk -
Bully for you, (though I didn't see your comment) but who are you?
The Liberal Leftist media is ALWAYS predominantly silent on human rights issues in Iran. (with the exception of the occassional Reuters or AP article that never makes it to TV, and maybe gets picked up by only a few newspapers on page 47.)
If you can prove otherwise, and believe me, people have been keeping track of this for yrs (myself included), please let us know.
I have yet to see ANYTHING on the network nightly news about protests of any kind in Iran, over the past month.
I'd love to be wrong about that. Even the hated FOX has been silent.

peace said...

Dear e j hosdil,
it's the liberal women who don't care in this country. At least 2 Conservative American women bloggers are doing their best to cover this story:

check out their blogs:


David said...

Reclusive Leftist
Washingtong Post
Globe & Mail

Yup. Complete silence.

Anonymous said...

We need to know what the reaction will be from the anti-mullah forces when the West takes out the nuclear reactors.
Bill Donovan

David said...

"We need to know what the reaction will be from the anti-mullah forces when the West takes out the nuclear reactors."

Maybe we could get them to give Ontario the reactors so we can save some money. Plus, they don't get bombed. It's a win-win scenario!

And as I am new here, all of the above is written in jest. Except for anonymous's part. If that is his real name.

Chester said...

David -
Read my comment above.
Whatever the papers report is almost meaningless to the majority of Americans. They get their news from TV. The media knows this.
Now tell us all the TV stations that have been reporting the protests, including the largest one a few wks ago, that Iran has seen in YEARS. **crickets**
A protest of HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS in a country where it is ILLEGAL to protest (not to mention a country that is in the news for other reasons every day) is apparently NOT newsworthy enough to be on TV news. That's more than a little odd, don't you think?

David said...

Chester wrote

"Read my comment above."

Chester, I am responding to Winston's statement , backed up by others here, that "North American women don't seem to care about their sister elsewhere."

You claimed that the "The Liberal Leftist media is ALWAYS predominantly silent on human rights issues in Iran.". This is demonstrably not true. What is true, as you mentioned, is that it is not getting any television time. That point was not refuted.

"A protest of HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS"

Are we referring to the same event? Winston refers to hundreds of protesters, a number that grew to thousands according to him. I think hundreds of thousands may be stretching things a tad.

"That's more than a little odd, don't you think?"

Well of course I do. But so many outrages go unreported everyday that I have no faith in television and its ability (or lack thereof) to report news. The point here is that Winston claims that North American feminists don't care about the women in Iran. He presents no proof. I am refuting his argument with links that show otherwise. There were many, many more, but I highlighted only a few of the prominent ones. Now if you want to contend that feminists control TV and that they are keeping this information quiet, then that is another topic altogether.

Thanks for the response,


Rosemary said...

Dear Winston,
My heart is so heavy. What can I do to help my sisters? I do not care that I am not Persian nor Muslim. We are females, and we need to stand together.

Is there a Persian site that speaks English that deals specifically with this issue? Maybe they could help me to help them? Thank you.

Rosemary said...

Dear David,
There have been protests going on for over a month. The day of the largest one is around the end of May. Please feel free to check out my file on Iran.

On the 30th of May, I have a written article, but I also have several earlier posts. I am a conservative, though. Maybe that's the difference. I am comfortable enough with who I am to be able to reach out and care about others.

I wouldn't care if it were a democrat in the WH, I'd still be calling the WH on behalf of these women. Geography should never be an excuse.

I also cover Darfur, Sudan. Are you up to up to date on that genocide?

Chester said...

David -
The fact that you are unaware of recent previous protests in Iran, proves my point.
You throw out the names of 1/2 dozen posts you've seen on the women's protest, (only 4 of which would be considered major sources of news), but apparently you know nothing of the largest protest to have taken place in Iran in years.
That's laughable.

You and most of the world, missed a protest of Hundreds of Thousands in Tabriz about 3 weeks ago.
here's the video of some of it....