Sunday, July 16, 2006

Bombing Lebanon

I have begun to think that bombing Lebanon from this point on is not a smart thing for Israelis to do. In fact, the Israelis must now start bombing Syrian leadership compounds, Hezballah strongholds in Syria and help the Iranian people topple mullahs.

Yep, I believe bombing Damascus and Tehran is much more effective than bombing Lebanese people that are also taken hostage by the mafia of Hezballah backed by Syrian and Iranian regimes.

I sympathize with the Lebanese people but, on the other hand, I have no sympathy for the Islamist terrorists of Iran or Lebanon. I do urge Israel to kill as many terrorists as possible but the Israelis should also be aware that Lebanese people are innocent hostages of the Islamic terrorism triangle in the middle-east which consisted of Iran, Syria and Hezballah.

Updated 1: Islamic Revolutionary Guards warn Israel

Stupid Supreme Leader extends his useless rants against Israel

من فکر ميکنم که بمباران لبنان بيش از اين نتيجه اي ندارد. دولت اسراييل بايد پدر خوانده های تروريزم اسلامی که ايران و سوريه باشند رو بکوبه چه به صورت ديپلماتيک يا به طور نظامی. مردم لبنان هم مثل مردم ايران توسط تروريستهای اسلامی گروگان گرفته شدند و گناهشون اينه که فاقد ابزار لازم برای دفاع از خودشون در برابر آدمکشان اسلامی هستند


Kobi said...

yes, for the same reason i believe that instead of focusing so much on iraq, president bush should have focused on iran. Now, that the US has attacked Iraq, it is not in a situation to enter a war against iran unless it attacks us. Anyways, Hezbollah provoked this war and Israel has the rights to defend its country.

ais said...

Israel will not bomb Syria. Syria has chemical and biological weapons and Israel is not going to raise the stakes this time around.
They will just destroy the Hizbollah infrastructure in southern Lebanon. But given the way teh international community works I doubt it will have any real effect once they're out of there again.

Anne (happier in Ontario) said...

I support Israel in this but am deeply saddened by the deaths of the Canadian family. Has the Isralie government made a statement regarding this yet? I don't understand why they didn't leave and flee to the north, guess we will never know that.

Kobi said...

yea but when israel leaves lebanon, the current hezbollah will get much more recruits to gather another organization.