Sunday, July 2, 2006

Canadian citizen charged in Iran

Although Iranian-Canadian intellectual professor, Jahanbegloo seems to be closer to the regime's reformists circles but he, finally, was charged with attempts to provoke a velvet revolution in Iran with the help of American government according to regime's Mehr News Agency today. ((Via Jerusalem Post))
    On the recent arrest of university professor Ramin Jahanbegloo, the intelligence minister noted that Jahanbegloo was arrested on suspicion of assisting the U.S. in its efforts to provoke a velvet revolution in Iran.
I very much doubt that but this move clearly shows how worried the regime is, and by arresting this person they're sending signals to any one else who is really trying to run a serious regime change in Iran and that thoe attempting such things will meet the same fate which is detention, torture, jail time and probably a quick death sentence.

The entire news story at Mehr News has many other interesting points which should not be ignored such as increasing number of weapons being smuggled into Iran which is a serious threat to the stability of the Islamic regime or the intelligence minister of the regime mentions the growing contacts between Iranian NGOs and American institutions as a direct threat to the security of the regime
    “They take various NGO members abroad to educate them. Recently, some people have been officially invited to be trained in the U.S. under the pretext of attending scientific seminars or for business or employment. The initial financial assistance given to them is not enough to arouse the suspicion that they have been invited to be trained as spies.”
All in all, regime is terrified and is isolated. It's time to take advantage of this and help the Iranian people to overthrow the regime once and forever.

This is another propaganda arrest to show muscles to the opposition but honestly I do wish these laughable charges were real.


Anonymous said...

I'm more concerned at these dual-citizens that go back to the evil Country they left and expect their passport to bail them out.

Mr.Arar was coached by a CAIR Lawyer to not help the RCMP or CSIS when they were going after the Jihad cell in Ottawa and London England , Momin Khawaja was eventually arrested without help from Arar but he did flee Canada with his wife and kids for the Middle east.
Arar tried to enter the USA by himself on a flight from Tunisia to JFK , US Customs didn't buy his story about the "Airmiles" plan forcing him to return to Canada alone and from Tunisia while his family stayed behind.
He was denied entry as a Syrian citizen travelling on a Canadian passport, Jordan was the only Middle east Country that the USA could find to take him back and from there Arab kidnappers took him to Syria where he "Alleged" he was tortured which resulted in him trying to Sue Canada for $400 Million dollars.
If you flee to Canada as a refugee it is not wise to return later to that area that you "Alleged" force a refugee claim in Canada.

Dual citizenship causes new problems during Globe trotting
crusades for justice.

Chester said...

It sounds like things are going on behind the scenes, as far as support for regime change.
And the regime is definitely concerned.

AView said...


I take your point and think you are right in saying that "If you flee to Canada as a refugee it is not wise to return later to that area that you "Alleged" force a refugee claim in Canada."

I think a more thorough screening procedure as who is a refugee and why they are applying based on refugee claim is a good first step.

About dual citizenship, some western countries do tell their naturalized citizens that if they return to their country of birth, the 'secondary' country e.g. Canada, will not be able to help much should they get arrested in their 'original' country of birth. This is especially the case for Iran.