Monday, July 3, 2006

Hamas representative in Iran

Hamas has a separate envoy in Tehran which you can see in the above pictures meeting with the reporters and press reps. and then I often see people claiming that Iranian regime doesn't support terrorism, which is a silly joke. Indeed this, the very presence of terrorist groups such as HAMAS, Islamic Jihad... etc in Tehran, shows that Iranian clerics not only endorse terrorism but they also support them and give refuge to criminals of the world.

Iranian regime is a terrorist one. Period!

More pictures at Mehr News Agency


تـــــرنـــٌــــم said...

چــی شــده ؟ حـماس باز پـول کـم آورده ؟ اومـدن ســهـمـشون رو از نـفت ِ بـرادران مـسلمانـشون بـگیرنـد ؟

AView said...


Am I right to assume that the majority of Palestinians & the HAMAS gang are Sunnis ?

Anonymous said...

So there are Hamas targets in Iran? Good. Bomb them.

Matt said...

"So there are Hamas targets in Iran? Good. Bomb them"

That's more than a convincing enough reason, if there wasn't one before